Hey WOODIE, got us another 1, FETT

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Fist of Goodness
Staff member
Central Florida
RC Driving Style
Bashing, Racing
I want to welcome my buddy Fett from good old NC to the forum, welcome aboard bud :banana:


RCNT Talkaholic
RC Driving Style
Good to be here! Very nice site. I like it a lot. Old NCNitro, Divine and myself all met on the Traxxas site in the buddy/track locator section. I haven't seen one like that here, but I am still playing around.

Thanks for telling me about this place NC!!


Fist of Goodness
Staff member
Central Florida
RC Driving Style
Bashing, Racing
Fett, good to have you here, I kinda got tired of the immaturity level of many of the posts on the other forum. Maybe Woodie will add a track/buddy locator forum here too. :banana: I love this banana

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