friction pegs

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i installed a new set last sunday .. took the maxx out today and what did i find .. there worn down to the spur .. oh man my maxx is starting to eat stuff lol .. having said that i think where i was in a hurry to get the things on maybe i didnt put the backplate and washer on right Doh!!!:eek:
I use the RRP Double slipper. No pegs to worry about.
It’s a bit pricey but doesn’t wear out.
Need a link?
i have seen them and want one badly but its getting them over here
what lsh and if there was one i doubt it lol .. thats how it is over here .. oh i miss jakes
if you can get me a part no. i`ll get price/availability for you Bronco.
i set that slipper well Broncs so i'm at a bit of a loss?:confused:
How many pegs??

I've been filling ALL the holes with pegs and making sure that it's good and tight (not too tight)...

I've learned to listen for the sound of the slipping slipper's kind of a squeaky squeal when the truck takes off - you can definitely hear when it's slipping too much....and burning up the pegs.
because max was running round a track .. thats how i didnt hear it . to far away .. but i know the sound your talking about .. like a mouse in the gear box :) .... i don't know why traxxas didnt go with the pads instead of the pegs in the first place
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Easy,can u get hold of an ae pipe mate?
yes i posted part no. and price that Galaxy could get it for on the bigish thread;) it was a couple of days before the 21st.if we both look one of us will find it.
#7741 is available it is the same but just polished.£34.45.
7730 is the common one but is not available at the moment
7730 out of stock,7741 same but polished is £34.45
Thankyou easy and broncs nice one.Now i got probs,my Fantom has come back to me after a supposed new piston and sleeve.On inspection it was the same p/sleeve,liars!I run the mill and the exact probs re-occured but this time i had the added treat of the high speed needle assembly rattling off!.Someone at modelsports or schumacher's had threaded it so now thats knackered too.Moral is,never buy a fantom they are a POS!:mad:
that is p poor service on both their parts,who are you gonna nut first.
Believe me mate if i could get to em i would bust their chops!Long live O.S,Whoe is me.
I've hear bad stuff about fantom service. A guy on the traxxas board had a fantom where the head screws were over tightened and the head was messed up and fantom said it was his fault.:mad:

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