Electric start wont turn engine

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Without any more info, it sounds like a problem with the OWB (one way bearing) If the starter spins but doesn't crank the engine then that would be it. Remove it, making note of which way it's facing, and clean it thoroughly with denatured alcohol. Oil from the fuel tends to build up over time causing it to slip.
Make absolutely certain that you replace it the same way it came out.


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My grandson did that to me put it in the wrong way it was hilarious watching him take it all apart just to flip it....he won't make that mistake again , not that it is fun for you but me getting the chance to pick on him is priceless...😀


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That engine has the OWB inside the engine. Strange that the tip of the shaft is chewed up like that. Wondering if your OWB kind of fell apart or something. It should lock onto that shaft in one direction and free spin in the other. I have found that internal OWB's tend to get gummed up if you aren't very religious about your after run process with putting oil in the carb/glow plug hole and turning the engine over quite a bit. The oil from the fuel gets in the OWB and gums it up otherwise after it sits a while.
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