ecx torment

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Got someone wanting to trade a new ecx torment for a redcat volcano nitro I have.
is the torment a decent truck?

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He is throwing in a 2s lipo charger and $25 also. Good deal? ?????
ECX is sold by Horizon Hobbies if I'm not mistaken and they are a good company but I have no firsthand experience with the ECX line of RCs. That being said ECX i believe is one of their low end lines of RCs.probably at least as good as a redcat though if not a little better.
The redcat was for stepson but the pullstart sprung is junk and breaks everytime.
Figured ptob be a good trade
Yeah my guess would be that it wouldnt be a bad trade as long as the ECX hasnt been abused or has some hidden damage to it but thats just a guess.
Either way I figure the ecx would be cheaper to fix , no motor for him to blow up.
maybe it will hold him over for a month or so till I buy him a savagr or similar.