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  1. Maverick Strada Evo XT - Rebuild

    Maverick Strada Evo XT - Rebuild

    I get the impression this was originally sold as a RtR truck, but someone seems to have taken it apart and didn't remember how to put it back together again.
  2. Short Course Edd - 3 months old

    Short Course Edd - 3 months old

  3. Short Course Edd - 3 months old

    Short Course Edd - 3 months old

  4. Short Course Edd - Pre paint

    Short Course Edd - Pre paint

  5. Short Course Edd - Topless

    Short Course Edd - Topless

  6. Short Course Edd - Semi topless

    Short Course Edd - Semi topless

  7. New build chaos

    New build chaos

  8. Short Course Edd - Topless

    Short Course Edd - Topless

    Before it ever raced...
  9. Short Course Edd

    Short Course Edd

    Before it ever raced...
  10. StephMir

    Kyosho Fazer MK2 GT3 Electric On-Road

    I was able to ordrer my Kyosho Fazer MK2. They were out of stock for about a year. I will be doing upgrades. I bought the metal center driveshaft and replaced the plastic one. I will be upgrading to brushless & sensorless motor with ESC. I bought some foam tires for my Kyosho FW06 also a 1/10...
  11. L

    Arrma kraton 6s V5 or Traxxas E-revo 2.0 (My frist RC)

    Hello I'm looking to buy my first RC want to make it right the first time. A car that is future safe that i can have a few years. I'm leaning to Arrma but i really don't know. I will use it to just bash around for fun. And then the battery's is a nightmare what to buy. Arrma use spektrum in...
  12. ChadCharlieG

    Team Energy A7X. Any thoughts?

    I have had my eyes on a Team Energy A7X. (Wait, that sounds like Team Associated.... Hmmmm >.>) I have used 1/10th scale RC's and smaller, but not anything bigger. Is this a good choice for a beginner? Why or Why not?
  13. V

    Rc drift car function problem

    So to put it straight in the process of building my 2nd rc car I went to test with plugging in my battery. And it immediately sparks before connection and once connected began to fell very hot and almost smoked, but my problem is I don’t know what I have wrong, my wires r soldered on strong and...
  14. >BD

    Who else has a Clodbuster.

    Here is mine.
  15. RC Guy

    ?Thought I'd share what i've been up to the last few weeks! Cheers Guys ?

    Hi Guys Hope your all good and Covid free! Just a little video from my RC Channel as got to have something to do!
  16. Kimmie28

    Will 1.55 tires fit Grasshopper wheels?

    I'm wondering if 1.55 tires will fit on a tamiya grasshoppers wheels. I have a project in mind but wanted to know if those would fit stock rims. Thanks
  17. WoodiE

    My new Losi LMT monster truck

    Just picked me up a new Losi LMT Grave Digger monster truck yesterday and already took it out for a quick ride. I can tell this thing is going to be a blast. The Losi LMT also moves pretty good on the stock electronics. For now, it's completely stock.
  18. New Toy✅ Maverick Quantum Flux XT - ? RC Truggy

    New Toy✅ Maverick Quantum Flux XT - ? RC Truggy

    A late Christmas present to myself, love this as was pretty cheap at £150.00. Just need to supply your own batteries. Well built 1/10th RC 4WD Truggy and can run on 3S too.
  19. C

    Losi LMT measurement

    Does anyone know the measurement on the two holes by the shock I want to put on limiting straps
  20. Siclic

    Question about Maverick Strada sc brushless

    Hi I’ve got a Maverick Strada sc and when I pick it up n throttle it the front and rear left side wheels spin at max ballooning the wheels and the right side has half the power. Is this normal for a 4x4 rc? I want full power to all the wheels