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  1. L

    Arrma kraton 6s V5 or Traxxas E-revo 2.0 (My frist RC)

    Hello I'm looking to buy my first RC want to make it right the first time. A car that is future safe that i can have a few years. I'm leaning to Arrma but i really don't know. I will use it to just bash around for fun. And then the battery's is a nightmare what to buy. Arrma use spektrum in...
  2. ChadCharlieG

    Team Energy A7X. Any thoughts?

    I have had my eyes on a Team Energy A7X. (Wait, that sounds like Team Associated.... Hmmmm >.>) I have used 1/10th scale RC's and smaller, but not anything bigger. Is this a good choice for a beginner? Why or Why not?
  3. V

    Rc drift car function problem

    So to put it straight in the process of building my 2nd rc car I went to test with plugging in my battery. And it immediately sparks before connection and once connected began to fell very hot and almost smoked, but my problem is I don’t know what I have wrong, my wires r soldered on strong and...
  4. >BD

    Who else has a Clodbuster.

    Here is mine.
  5. RC Guy

    ?Thought I'd share what i've been up to the last few weeks! Cheers Guys ?

    Hi Guys Hope your all good and Covid free! Just a little video from my RC Channel as got to have something to do!
  6. Kimmie28

    Will 1.55 tires fit Grasshopper wheels?

    I'm wondering if 1.55 tires will fit on a tamiya grasshoppers wheels. I have a project in mind but wanted to know if those would fit stock rims. Thanks
  7. WoodiE

    My new Losi LMT monster truck

    Just picked me up a new Losi LMT Grave Digger monster truck yesterday and already took it out for a quick ride. I can tell this thing is going to be a blast. The Losi LMT also moves pretty good on the stock electronics. For now, it's completely stock.
  8. New Toy✅ Maverick Quantum Flux XT - ? RC Truggy

    New Toy✅ Maverick Quantum Flux XT - ? RC Truggy

    A late Christmas present to myself, love this as was pretty cheap at £150.00. Just need to supply your own batteries. Well built 1/10th RC 4WD Truggy and can run on 3S too.
  9. C

    Losi LMT measurement

    Does anyone know the measurement on the two holes by the shock I want to put on limiting straps
  10. Siclic

    Question about Maverick Strada sc brushless

    Hi I’ve got a Maverick Strada sc and when I pick it up n throttle it the front and rear left side wheels spin at max ballooning the wheels and the right side has half the power. Is this normal for a 4x4 rc? I want full power to all the wheels
  11. Siclic

    Running a lipo 11.1V 5200mAh in a stock Maverick Strada sc

    Hi I’m reasonably new to electric rc, brought a Maverick Strada sc 6 weeks ago, its got a 7.2v ni-MH battery and I was warned to not run a powerful lipo in it as the 3215kv motor and running gear wouldn’t handle it. Well I got an 11.1V lipo 5200mAh and it loves it haven’t had a problem yet.. any...
  12. E

    New motor for ECX Ruckus

    I am brand new to RC and I have a 1/10 ruckus 2wd with a 20t dynamite brushed motor. I know brushless is the way to go but I need a cheap brushed option to just get the thing running. Can anybody recommend a good motor for it?
  13. T

    Help identity this RC car please.

    I just picked this car up at an auction full of vintage rc cars and planes. I can't find any markings on this one, and searched online for a match, with no luck. It is 4x4 and has 4 wheel steering. Any ideas? Thanks for any help.
  14. I

    Budget electric RC

    10 years ago or so I had a Tmaxx 3.3 and i use to love it but ended up getting ride of it. Who knows i may end up getting another nitro in the near future. My question is I want an E Revo 1/10 scale and will probably get one around Christmas. To get back in hobby is there a budget RC anyone...
  15. WoodiE

    Axial SCX10 II UMG10 6x6 RTR

    Check out the new 6×6 Axial just released, the Axial SCX10 II UMG10! The SCX10 II UMG10 6×6 military-style body captures the look of fullsize 6×6 trucks, with scale features that include 1.9 military-spec wheels and tires, a working spare, and built-in mounting positions for front and rear LED...
  16. WoodiE

    ARRMA INFRACTION 1/7th Scale Street Basher

    Say hello to the latest Arrma RTR 6S RC, the ARRMA Infraction! Now you can take your bashing to the streets with this all new 1/7th scale street basher and hit speeds of 80 MPH with 6s LiPo power. Click to continue
  17. WoodiE

    Arrma Limitless 1/7th scale roller

    Arrma-RC has just announced a couple new RC’s, their first being the Arrma Limitless which is a 1/7th scale on-road car that comes as a roller. Simply install your own electronics and you’re ready for some insane driving. Click to continue
  18. WoodiE

    Axial SCX10 II UMG10 4WD Kit

    Axial has recreated the forward cab look along with many military inspired scale features in their new Axial SCX10 II UMG10 rock crawler kit. To add to the Axial SCX10 II UMG10 military scale looks, Axial has equipped the UMG10 with 1.9 MW19 beadlock wheels and 1.9 MT45 tires – as well as a...
  19. cbaker65

    Traxxas short course truck

    My SCT. came in today!.......:woohoo: This truck did not come from E-bay ,it came from a private owner on a sales list. The slashes on E-bay are bomb barded with bidders ,most don't even have electrics ,an are high priced rollers! I paid $ 220.00 flat for complete brushless RTR!....:cool: Here...
  20. G

    New Vaterra V100 1/10th on road car

    Hiya Guys :) . I've never been a fan of 1/10 scale touring cars, but when I picked this Vaterra V100 from Horizon Hobby up in a trade deal a few days ago I realized it's more than just the average touring car. It's longer, wider, heavier, built better and it's a more stable platform than most...