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  1. Rydert27

    Traxxas Sledge

    Hi all, I'm new to the whole RC game, I've just purchased a HYPER GO (H16DR). And it's wicked fun so far (Obviously a lower end little guy, but good entry level so far). However, I'm contemplating getting a larger model cuz...bigger is better :). I am considering the Traxxas Sledge, however as...
  2. End of Summer 2023 EXTREME Dust Bash | LOSI Rock Rey 8s, TRAXXAS XMAXX 8S, ARMA Typhon 6s, Mojave 6s

    End of Summer 2023 EXTREME Dust Bash | LOSI Rock Rey 8s, TRAXXAS XMAXX 8S, ARMA Typhon 6s, Mojave 6s

    End of Summer 2023 EXTREME Dust Bash | LOSI Rock Rey 8s, LMT Monster Truck 3s, TRAXXAS XMAXX 8S, ARMA Typhon 6s, Mojave 6s, Senton 3sThe Traxxas XMAXX 8s 1/5...
  3. thatcraig

    Electric problem?

    Washed the truck and now it will steer but won't move. An ideas on the prblem?
  4. A

    Traxxas X maxx Problem

    I have reassembled the truck a handful of times trying to find the problem. The truck makes loud clicking noises and does not always move forward even though the motor spins and the pinion gear is on tight.. Thought maybe before I take it in to a shop I could try asking on this Forum for help...
  5. coldvod

    Hpi savage E conversion build

    I'm converting my nitro savage to electric. I still enjoy nitro but I'd rather have a simpler system for this type of vehicle. Thus far i've taken my transmission off. I needed to as the nitro version includes a OWB as seen in the first photo ( the middle one with an arrow pointed at it ) After...
  6. N

    can't find parts for my rc car

    Looking for parts for my hobbyking mission-d drift car. Anyone know where I can find some or where I can get ones to retro fit?
  7. coldvod

    anyone know much about the OFNA NEXX 10sc

    I see one for sale for 80CAD I'm just curious if they're any good and what do previous owner think of it. Also can you buy spare parts from knockoff brands since OFNA isn't really a brand anymore. the photo is one i took off the internet not the one i saw
  8. Glitch

    Good Deal? (Slash)

    I definitely was not looking at RC cars on Facebook marketplace when I found what seems like it may be a good deal. $100 for this Traxxas Slash (it’s 2wd, probably brushed) along with a charger, a power cell 3000 battery, a 5000mah battery, and some spare parts. Supposedly it works and runs...
  9. Glitch

    Is the WLtoys a959b worth it?

    In my opinion, yes. Here are my thoughts after a few weeks of ownership. • Fast! Clocked it at 37mph but probably could get a couple more out of it • Flimsy! A front shock broke, and after replacing them with stiffer shocks (came from amazon, not sure what kind of vehicle they made the...
  10. Glitch

    Ground clearance AND stability?

    My sister is looking into joining the hobby and she was thinking of getting something that allows her to do large jumps, mud, etc. She said she would like something with a little more ground clearance than my Vorteks so I immediately started looking at other arrma trucks (love the vorteks) but...
  11. Glitch

    "Sh*t! It's on fire!" — Me, an hour ago.

    I walk to and drive my rc often in a place I live really close to. They always have a digger with a bucket parked next to the garage, so I figured I'd try a crazy jump inside of it- probably not a good idea in and of itself. Anyway, in goes the vorteks and it flips onto its back, laying inside...
  12. D

    Strange steering issue

    Hi everyone! So my brother got a Wltoys 124018 last August and it has worked just fine up until i couple months ago when the steering suddenly turned weird, so we took of the plastics/cover and the steering servo was really weak and making this ticking sound when you turned it and it would kinda...
  13. I

    Heavy truck electronics, whats working for you?

    I'm building a 9lb capra and I'm not sure what electronics i can use in this thing. I was trying a riot xl 1100kv with castle copper head 10 on 4s but I'm still getting alot of cogging at low angle climbs. Are there transmission mods i could do? I feel like thats a part of it, it seems very high...
  14. coldvod

    Thinking of home making a pan car

    IS making a pan car even possible? It seems easy to make. If you made one could you share some insight on the process and if you had a specific budget what was it and did you stay beneath it?
  15. F

    New to RC stuck on build

    Hi guys I’m new to RC and stuck on what parts I need for my Crawler (hobao DC1) I’m looking to get a brushless kit but I’m not sure what servos I need to run it The motor comes with a small one for the gears but I’m clueless on the steering
  16. Hepher88

    1st 1:10 Electric RC

    So I've currently got a 1:8 Nitro car that I run but I have recently found out that there is a club nearby that run 1:10 electrics and so I thought I'd take a look into it. Being somewhat of a novice with current cars I'd very much appreciate some input please? Looking at something like the...
  17. A

    STOKE RCMCC Round 5 Race meeting

    Hi Racers hope its ok to post on here We Race Every Tuesday Night at Fenton Mannor in Stoke On Trent Vistors are welcome to come and look what we do Classess we race 1/10th 17.5 Touring Cars 1/10th 2wd & 4wd Buggy Booking in now open for Round 5 will close at 8pm on Monday 28/02/22...
  18. Disappointed Denver

    PLEASE!! Help find large monster truck like The Carnivore!

    Sorry if I'm doing things wrong, this is my first time on a forum I have been trying for years to find an rc car like my beloved Carnivore (Radio Shack), only faster and longer battery life. I tried to get another 1/10 scale "monster truck" but its was half the size! I'm afraid what I'm looking...
  19. O

    Weird grinding sound

    So I had a revo 3.3 and the nitro engine broke and there around 200 bucks for a new one. So I did some research and found electric conservation kit and I 3d printed the morter mount and I think the spur in grinding but i don't know I will get a clip of it the motor and esc are some cheap eBay...
  20. R

    What does cooling a brushless motor do?

    Hi everyone! How and why do you get more power when you cool your motor? The efficiency of your motor doesn't change because it depends mostly of the max amp draw and IR of your motor. If you give the motor the same load , same voltage and same application the power that it makes in theory...