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  1. F.R.S. Ninja_007

    New release: Traxxas Ford® F-150® Raptor R™ 4X4 from Traxxas

    I just checked my email and found this: the newest and perhaps coolest addition to their SC lineup, the Ford Raptor R with an extended wheelbase, bigger BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires, clipless mounting, LED lights in the bumpers, fixed gear adapters(?) and extreme HD upgrade kit. It will...
  2. coldvod

    anyone know much about the OFNA NEXX 10sc

    I see one for sale for 80CAD I'm just curious if they're any good and what do previous owner think of it. Also can you buy spare parts from knockoff brands since OFNA isn't really a brand anymore. the photo is one i took off the internet not the one i saw
  3. vv1o_o

    losi xxx-sct parts

    Does anybody know where i can find some parts for a xxx-sct losi, I've been looking for a kick plate,bulkhead, and brace set LOSA4159. I've seen a couple on ebay for 55$ but there old genuine parts and can't really pay that much for a part that is notorious for breaking on these things. Any help is...
  4. Short Course Edd - 3 months old

    Short Course Edd - 3 months old

  5. Short Course Edd - 3 months old

    Short Course Edd - 3 months old

  6. Short Course Edd - Pre paint

    Short Course Edd - Pre paint

  7. Short Course Edd - Topless

    Short Course Edd - Topless

  8. Short Course Edd - Semi topless

    Short Course Edd - Semi topless

  9. My first tyres

    My first tyres

  10. Short Course Edd - Topless

    Short Course Edd - Topless

    Before it ever raced...
  11. Short Course Edd

    Short Course Edd

    Before it ever raced...
  12. Rip King MC

    Will it ever be back???

    Does anyone know if the Losi 1/10 TENACITY 4WD SCT Brushed RTR will ever ever be back in stock, or is it permanently discontinued? I need one of those for my short course project!
  13. The RC Car

    Slash 4x4 over heated after long hard drive down the driveway, again ?

    Hey y'all! I took the slash out for a drive two days ago and it overheated after about 10 minutes, the temperature was in the 60s (Fahrenheit). I thought this was weird, but set it too cool down (it has an ESC fan btw), and after 30 minutes it still hadn't cooled down. I unplugged the batt and...
  14. N

    Traxxas Slash 1/16 servo not moving

    I just ordered a new motor and servo for my Traxxas slash 1/16. When trying to replace the servo the arm was hitting the guard. Then the servo was moving very little. Now the truck appears to be stuck in lad mode. I am using the stock nimh battery that according to the charger is half way...
  15. D

    Can't identify my offroad chassis :/

    I just bought this awd 1/8 scale chassis and I can't identify it to order missing parts. Its missing its front and rear drive shaft, upper support plate that holds down the center diff, servo mount etc. There are no brands or writing on it whatsoever. Anyone know what it is? Excuse the clothing...
  16. cbaker65

    Traxxas short course truck

    My SCT. came in today!.......:woohoo: This truck did not come from E-bay ,it came from a private owner on a sales list. The slashes on E-bay are bomb barded with bidders ,most don't even have electrics ,an are high priced rollers! I paid $ 220.00 flat for complete brushless RTR!....:cool: Here...
  17. WoodiE

    Pro-Line 1978 Chevy C-10 truck body

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  18. WoodiE

    Arrma Granite & Senton 4x4's get brushless upgrades

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  19. WoodiE

    Losi 22S 2WD SCT Brushless short course truck

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  20. Speedy Wolf

    Preferred short course truck?

    I don't really know how to do this poll thing, I'm just testing it out, but please answer anyway! I'm trying not to start a whole Traxxas vs. Associated vs HPI thing (there are enough of those) so please don't start an argument.:D