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  1. F.R.S. Ninja_007

    ECX Curcuit Flip/Gearing Reccomendation

    So I got an ECX Curcuit and I’m flipping it. I already installed a brushless system and a new receiver, but want a receiver box. Also any suggestions on being able to use a 3S LiPo? The battery tray barely fits my 2S. Update: I just took apart the truck; parts that will need replacing are the...
  2. JezHall

    ECX AMP MT ESC Pairing

    Hi, I just got an ECX AMP mt but the steering servo will not move. I tried 2 more servo's but they also are not responsive......which makes me think it could be the ESC at fault? It is a ECX13006 with an ECX13005 Tx. It did seem to pair OK and the motor turns fine, just no action from the...
  3. E

    New motor for ECX Ruckus

    I am brand new to RC and I have a 1/10 ruckus 2wd with a 20t dynamite brushed motor. I know brushless is the way to go but I need a cheap brushed option to just get the thing running. Can anybody recommend a good motor for it?
  4. Speedy Wolf

    ECX Boost Review

    So, the ECX boost was my first car, and I drive that thing like crazy. One of the best things about the boost was it's durability. I drove it down a sewer drain 3 times, stepped on it, and used it as a ramp to launch my dad's Fury on to it's back. The front fender is amazing. I've run the car...
  5. WoodiE

    Own an ECX RC?

    ECX RC owners come check out our latest sister site: ECX Forum We're also giving away a FREE ECX AMP Monster Truck or Desert Buggy!
  6. WoodiE

    ECX AMP RTR monster truck & desert buggy

    If you're new to the hobby or just looking for a new bashing RC, then you'll want to check out the new ECX AMP RC's. The ECX AMP line-up come as both a monster truck and desert buggy that feature waterproof electronics, tough composite chassis and oil-filled shocks. Both ECX AMP models come...
  7. 09KneeDragger

    Ecx revenge w/ .21 engne

    new to forum but have limmited knowledge on this hobby. I'm having a issue with my ecx revenge type n. Starts an runs fine but after being at open throttle for a few seconds the smoke from the exhaust disappears and the car Boggs out like it leans it's self way out. Then if I stop the car and...
  8. battledonkey

    Anyone have an ECX Torment?

    I searched, didn't turn up anything on this forum on them. The fam and I went to the LHS last weekend and my 9 year old step daughter saw all the SCT playing on the track and loved it. She has a Losi Micro Desert Truck right now but I was thinking about selling one of my Tmaxxs to help fund...
  9. WoodiE

    Big Blue Hobbies - ECX Ruckus 1/10th Electric Truck Giveaway

    Special thanks to Big Blue Hobbies for donating the Ruckus! When you’re in control of the Ruckus Monster Truck you’re ready to rumble with the largest basher in the ECX lineup. The Ruckus will tear through any neighborhood or backyard with ease and because of its bulletproof chassis and...
  10. WoodiE

    ECX Smash 1/18th Electric Truck Giveaway

    Whether you’re ripping through the dirt, roasting the pavement or destroying your living room, the 1/18-scale Smash monster truck delivers. It can take a beating without breaking a sweat. Thanks to powerful Dynamite electronics, this truck will blast through the neighborhood with intense speed...
  11. S

    ecx torment

    Got someone wanting to trade a new ecx torment for a redcat volcano nitro I have. is the torment a decent truck? ---------- Post added at 11:22 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:21 AM ---------- He is throwing in a 2s lipo charger and $25 also. Good deal? ?????
  12. Jacks9930

    ECX Ruckus 1/10 Monster Truck

    The wife bought me a new RC "ECX Ruckus 1/10 Monster Truck". I already know the it needs a new battries, I get less then 5min of use. What I'm going to do is let my son use it when I'm playing one of my other ones. Is this truck going to last? has anyone ran this truck before and what is you...
  13. SchrodeMode

    ECX Enters the 1/8 Buggy Market

    ECX is now in the 1/8 scale buggy market with their Revenge Type E. If their buggy is as good as their previous rigs, it'll be a great beginner/budget basher. Of course it's not as "fancy" looking as some of the higher end buggies, but for a $400 RTR 1/8 scale buggy, I think it looks good. I put...