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Thought i would start a thread on the rig that started my adventure into 1/10 rc.

I had been dabbling with a scx24 for about a year before picking this up, and wanted to get a 1/10 basher to mess with, and something slow enough that my then 2 year old could learn to drive eventually.

So, in the summer of 2021 i picked up a arrma granite v3 mega on sale, and since then, have made many updates and changes.

Dont seem to have many pictures of the truck brand new, but I'm sure most know what a bone stock arrma granite looks like!



Within the first week, i burned up the stock brushed motor.
I put in a warranty claim and horizon replaced the motor and the esc.
I proceeded to fry the second motor, and installed a traxxas 12t instead, which is still working in another truck to this day.
Also fried the stock servo and replaced with a 25kg dsservo off amazon.
I ran the truck like this for a few months, then did the first round of upgrades.

Ordered some 6s shocks and 3s typhon arms/turnbuckles from jenny’s, along with some other spare parts.
Also picked up some AE yellow springs to fit the 6s shocks, and some proline wheels and tires.
I was running the truck on some zeee 5200mah 2s lipo’s, and getting a very disappointing 8 minutes of runtime out of the brushed setup.
Also, my driving/control was improving. So i made the call to convert to brushless and ordered a stock 3s blx setup from jennys.
3200kv motor, blx100 esc, aluminum motor mount, 3s slipper clutch were the parts i swapped in.
Obviously a big improvement over the brushed setup, and was getting nearly double the runtime out of my 2s lipo’s.
Unfortunately, it did not take long for me to fry the blx100. Being i got it from jenny’s, i could not get a warranty replacement from horizon.
So i picked up a HW max10sct esc and a 3s lipo. Also ordered a surpass rocket 3050kv 3670 motor to try (wish i got higher kv).
At this time the truck was ripping! Other than switching back to the 3200kv motor, the power train remains in this setup to this day.
Celebrated by painting up a jconcepts k2500 body intented for a traxxas stampede. (First ever rc body paintjob).




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So after about 6months as a typhon-armed granite, i decided i wanted to try a senton.

Instead of buying a senton like a sensible person would do, i decided to order the parts i’d need to convert from jenny’s. Doing this, i was pretty sure i’d be a hardware kit away from being able to assemble a second truck from all the spare parts i’d already aquired.
So i ordered all the parts from jenny’s and assembled my typhoned armed granite-turned-senton.
I also added camber and steering links from a traxxas slash, tired of worn out plastic and aluminum pivot balls.
I caved and paid the premium to get the scorched rc inner fenders for the senton. To be honest, it was worth every penny! Keeps 90% of the trash out of the chassis, and pretty sure it jumps better keeping some of the air out of the body.
I also added a powerhd ds8325hv servo and new kimbrough servo saver.
After some suspension and diff tuning, this thing handles better and tighter than ever, and is a blast to rip around!
Bonus- managed to use a bunch of old and spare parts to build a brushed granite with sc tires, kind of a arma stadium truck. Its nice and slow, and the kids have a blast with it.



Busted a front knuckle today 👎
All the traxxas rod ends, a proper alignment, and these tires add up to a pretty decent senton, handling-wise!