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  1. Tstutsman

    Losi 22s Drag car upgrades

    Hey guys! I am new to the hobby. I picked up a Losi 22S drag rtr. Just wondering some upgrades I should do to it over the winter. Not really wanting to change motor or esc but open to other things. Durability upgrades, speed upgrades, suspension upgrades, or weight reduction. Thanks!
  2. ArchmageNydia

    New to RC, Engine won't start, tried all options.

    Hello! As stated, I'm entirely new to Nitro RC cars, and I just received one for my birthday the other day, a Redcat Shockwave. As I got it as a gift, I'm not sure what experience people have had with it, if it's good or bad. I do know that it was new out of the package when I got it, though...
  3. MustangMan

    Axial Bomber RTR Build Up

    Been a while since I've posted, but actually a long time member from my first nitro R/C (which I still have!). Thought I'd post up my latest addition, an RTR Axial Bomber. I'm going to be updating the suspension links, shocks, drive system, and more over the next few weeks. Hoping to post...
  4. Alexander_0_1

    Alexander_0_1 XXXNT-sport RTR.

    Hey guys, as the title says I just scored a team losi xxxnt-sport rtr from a yard sale, For a whole $20 Canadian, or 'bout $15 American. Now I'm pretty sure I can take it apart just fine, to service it, but where do I go if I need something?
  5. FirsthandSnow

    HPI RS4 RTR 3 FORD F-150

    Hello! I've recently unearthed a relatives RS4 from roughly 2002-4, however it is in a state of repair and needs some TLC. Unfortunately I don't have any instructions, nor can I locate any online for that specific car. The spur gear is completely shredded, the exhaust is damaged and the wheels...
  6. boogyman1313

    K&N DBXL 1/5 4wd Buggy RTR

    So i was thinking about getting the Losi 1/5 5IVE-T 4WD Off-Road Truck until i came across this deal well at least i think its a deal here at a local shop they have a K&N DBXL 1/5 4wd Buggy RTR for $899.00 brand spanking new i like me a deal and i was wondering if anyone can give me any input on...
  7. flm_savage

    Sold / Found Axial Yeti RTR

    I bought this as a rtr about 6 months ago and it collects more dust than runtime these days. I added an MIP rear shaft and Axial HD rear gears to beef up the drivetrain. It is 100% stock other than that. Truck will come rtr with your battery. All electronics and radio system are included...
  8. AerialExplorer

    Aerial videos of fortresses, churches and landscapes

    Hey everyone, So I have been working long and hard all summer to perfect my drone for capturing aerial video and here is some of the shots I have captured over the summer. Gonio fortress (Georgian: გონიოს ციხე, previously called Apsaros, or Apsaruntos), is a Roman fortification in Adjara...
  9. jayrc10

    Losi 350 Engine

    Hi I'm new here, and i have a losi 8ight 2.0 RTR witht the losi 350 engine. When i try to start it, the flywheel gets stuck at TDC (really tight, the starter bx can't even turn it. burns the starter wheel rubber. i have to use a screwdriver to turn it) Happened only recently. used to run well...
  10. WoodiE

    ECX AMP RTR monster truck & desert buggy

    If you're new to the hobby or just looking for a new bashing RC, then you'll want to check out the new ECX AMP RC's. The ECX AMP line-up come as both a monster truck and desert buggy that feature waterproof electronics, tough composite chassis and oil-filled shocks. Both ECX AMP models come...
  11. FPS-RC

    Complete Dual Brushless RTR PX16 50+ MPH

    Complete RTR Everything Including Battery, Fast Easy AC/DC Charger also includes Rechargeable 2.4 Ghz Radio System http://www.ebay.com/itm/181751907439
  12. FPS-RC

    Brushless RC Surfer 4s or 5s LiPo Complete RTR

    Extreme up to 5s LiPo RTR http://www.ebay.com/itm/181748589292 Pro Version up to 3s LiPo http://www.ebay.com/itm/181751907438
  13. flm_savage

    Sold / Found 1/16 Summit RTR with 2S Lipos

    This is the 1/16 scale Traxxas VXL summit that has revo spec upgrades on it. It will come with the truck, 2.4Ghz Traxxas radio gear and TWO traxxas 2S lipo batteries as well as a brand new pack of replacement skid plates. I originally purchased the truck for $360...
  14. Ericke1


    Hi I have an Airtronics MT4 RX. I need an extra receiver so I can run another car on the same radio. I believe the model number for the older receiver is the RX-461, anyone have one in their tool box they want to help me out with at a fair price? Alternatively if someone has a 2.4ghz radio...
  15. Greywolf74

    Sold / Found Traxxas 64077 1/7 XO-1 White AWD Supercar RTR TQi 2.4GHz w/ TRA Link 100+ MPH

    Traxxas 64077 1/7 XO-1 White AWD Supercar RTR TQi 2.4GHz w/ TRA Link 100+ MPH. Brand new still sealed in the box. I bought this about a month ago and then 2 weeks ago before I could even open the package my wife and I found out we owe almost $1200 in taxes so I'm hoping to resell this. Asking...
  16. O

    Sold / Found FS: Project Savage Brushless/Flux Roller (Lots of Mods), Traxxas E-Maxx ARTR & Others

    Sup guys, Looking to sell a few RCs that have been sitting in my garage. First one is my project brushless Savage roller. Started life out as a Savage 25, then an FLM Savage, and is now ready for a brushless motor. Here's a list of mods I remember: TCS TVPs LST2 Shocks w/ Innovative-RC Mounts...
  17. K

    hpi trophy 3.5 rtr buggy review

    Hi I'm new to the rc nitro world, my local dealer recommended the hpi trophy 3.5 what u think?:D
  18. sur3fir3

    Sold / Found B4.2: LRP spx zero ESC, Reedy Sonic 17.5 motor, savox digital 4096 $175 ARTR $300 RTR

    B4.2: LRP spx zero ESC, Reedy Sonic 17.5 motor, savox digital 4096 Tools not included. IN spares I have F/R arms Ball diff slipper pads Front shock tower pinions spur gears some bearings and more. I am asking for $175 for THe associated items. I can make it RTR with Tx, Rx...
  19. WoodiE

    RC4WD Trail Finder 2 RTR with Mojave Body

    RC4WD just announced their newest truck, the Trail Finder 2 (or TF2) Ready-To-Run with Mojave body! The Trail Finder 2 features a smooth single speed transmission, 4WD drivetrain, bulletproof transfer case and metal components throughout the truck to give the TF2 aggressive performance and...
  20. T

    Advice on rtr 1/8 buggy or truggy

    Hi everyone. I'm thinking of buying a new nitro car from the shop. Iv got a couple of used ones. But thinking of buying brand new. I'm steering towards a 1/8 truggy or buggy. I'm kinda new to the hobby so don't have too much knowledge on them. Any advice would be great