K&N DBXL 1/5 4wd Buggy RTR

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So i was thinking about getting the Losi 1/5 5IVE-T 4WD Off-Road Truck until i came across this deal well at least i think its a deal here at a local shop they have a K&N DBXL 1/5 4wd Buggy RTR for $899.00 brand spanking new i like me a deal and i was wondering if anyone can give me any input on them is there anything to watch out for on these or anything like that also does anyone know the around about top speed on these I'm just looking for something that can handle a little abuse and that wont crumble the first jump it takes also I'm here in good ole lubbock Texas it gets hot here will it be ok in hot conditions anything at all you might want to add about it please do
The K&N is still a Losi product, it's just the desert buggy instead of the Truck. If you like the buggy better, or the deal, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it as you'll still have good after the sale support for parts, aftermarket parts, etc.
I read somewhere that the DBXLs cage limits the amount of aftermarket parts that can be used. I don't know if thats engines, pipes, stroker kit, ect. I do like that they are 4wd. I've tried to get a "whole shot" start with my 5sc against my buddy Dwaynes 5IVE-T and its just impossible, unless I distract him (...whoa! Is she wearing yoga pants), and then I try to speed off.
Hahahaha ok well i think I'm going to get it then thanks all
Ok i went and picked it up even got it a little cheaper talked the guy down to $829.99. Does anyone know the break in procedure on these? This did not come with any paperwork.