Waterproofing your RC

Winter is here, and every year people ask in the forums, “How do I waterproof my rc?”. While most will not recommend operating your R/C through snow, ice, rain or mud – it is very possible to run in and through these condition IF you take the necessary steps in protecting your equipment. This quick and easy guide will show you a fool proof way of waterproofing your servos.

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De-anodizing and Polishing Aluminum

On my latest RC project I decided to de-anodize all of the purple parts to reveal the bare metal finish. Personally I like the look of bare metal better over a colored part. Many of you are familiar with the oven cleaner method of stripping off anodizing but in this article I’ll cover the often talked about Greased Lightning method for those who have not used it before. After stripping off the anodizing I will also go over one of the methods of polishing the bare aluminum part to a mirror shine.

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Savage MP Servo Saver Mod

– Improved durability
– Improves steering capabilities
– Enhances handling and overall performance

Parts Needed:
1 Set – OFNA Servo Saver Set (Part # 18034)
1 Set – OFNA Clutch Bell Shim Kit (Part # 10099)
1 Set – OFNA Aluminum Servo Arm (Part # 10732) OR Any Brand of Futaba Servo Arm
2 Sets – Duratrax 6x10mm Ball Bearings (Part # 1561) OR Any Brand of 6x10mm Bearings

As with any set of directions, there are more than one way to do things. So use these as a guideline and use your own judgment when doing your mod. Let’s begin:

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Body Clip Pulls

So you’re tired of losing those pesky little body clips? Or perhaps just getting them off of your ride is tough? Here’s an easy solution to your problems. These little babies make them more visible and create a “handle” that is easy to grab and pull, thus the name.

Things you need to create RC Body Clip Pulls

A. Fuel tubing — at least 6 inches long (to make 4 pulls) in your favorite color (the brighter the color, the more visible the clip will be should it “fall” off the RC.)

B. Small Zip strips — one (1) strip per body clip. The 4 inch variety is the best for this application. Mix or match the color to your desire. I use a black set from Racer’s Edge but any brand will do.

C. Small metal washers — two (2) per body clip. The best suited for this application have 1/4 inch outer diameter and fit over 3mm metric screws. The ones I use came with a screw set made by Racer’s Edge for the T-Maxx.

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