Body Clip Pulls

So you're tired of losing those pesky little body clips? Or perhaps just getting them off of your ride is tough? Here's an easy solution to your problems. These little babies make them more visible and create a “handle” that is easy to grab and pull, thus the name.

Things you need to create RC Body Clip Pulls

A. Fuel tubing — at least 6 inches long (to make 4 pulls) in your favorite color (the brighter the color, the more visible the clip will be should it “fall” off the RC.)

B. Small Zip strips — one (1) strip per body clip. The 4 inch variety is the best for this application. Mix or match the color to your desire. I use a black set from Racer's Edge but any brand will do.

C. Small metal washers — two (2) per body clip. The best suited for this application have 1/4 inch outer diameter and fit over 3mm metric screws. The ones I use came with a screw set made by Racer's Edge for the T-Maxx.

D. Tools — Exacto knife or other sharp straight edged knife. Needle nose pliers

Body clip parts needed
Figure 1: Materials for one pull laid out with ruler for scale.

Procedure for one body clip:

1. Take the fuel tubing and cut one (1) one inch length.

2. Set aside two (2) small washers.

3. Set aside one (1) zip strip.

4. Set aside your body clip.

At this point, you should have something that looks like Figure 1 above.

5. Line up a washer, the fuel tubing, and then the other washer. See Figure 2 below.

Measure parts

Figure 2: Ready to assemble the pull.

6. Thread the zip strip through the first washer, the length of fuel tubing, and then the second washer. See Figure 3 below.

Threaded zip strip

Figure 3: Threaded zip strip.

7. Thread the zip strip threw the large eyelet of the body clip and then back through the washer, fuel tubing and washer. See Figure 4 below.

Almost done

Figure 4: Almost done.

8. Finish feeding the zip strip through the tubing. You may need to use needle nose pliers to make this easier. Once you have all of the slack in the loop around the body clip cinched up, feed the zip strip through its lock and clip the excess. The final product should look like Figure 5 below.

Final small body clip
Final large body clip

Figure 5: The finished product in place on my Savage and showing the large cross body clip on my T-Maxx.

9. Repeat as often as necessary to equip all of your body clips with this nifty little mod.

That's it – a quick and simple mod, yet one that makes getting those body clips off in a hurry.