Monster GT Forward Only Conversion (FOC) Kit

Many people have been having troubles installing the forward only conversion (FOC) kit for the Monster GT, it seems some of the FOC kit instructions are incorrect. So I've made up my own instructions for everyone which should make things a lot easier. I should make a note, these instructions are assuming you've got the Monster GT transmission out of the truck and disassembled

The first thing you need to do is layout your gears, pins, shafts, spacers, and ball bearings as shown in the image below. Make special note of how the two grey metal gears are facing. One thing that might be hard to see is behind the metal gear on the left there is a medium spacer that also goes behind it.

monster gt FOC layout

This next picture is just the above picture however time time everything is installed on the shafts.

monster gt FOC together

One extra step I've done which is not required, I've taken a small amount of Permatex high temp RTV silicone gasket maker and sealed around the included plug where the shifting rod once was. This is just a little extra protection against dirt and other junk getting inside the transmission.

monster gt FOC sealed

Ok now it's time to get the Monster GT FOC kit done, the picture below shows exactly what the transmission will look like right before you close it up and srew it shut.

monster gt FOC halves

Once you have the Associated Monster GT transmission screwed shut you should be able to spin the spur gear clockwise and the axles should be spinning in a forward motion. If the axels don't or if the transmission doesn't feel smooth while you spin the spur gear then something is wrong and you need to go back to the top and see what you've done wrong.

If the transmission feels smooth, and the axels are moving forward then you're done – you've now completed the Monster GT FOC kit install.

Below is a picture of all the items removed from the inside of the Monster GT transmission after the FOC kit was installed.

monster gt FOC removed

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