What music are you listening to RIGHT now?

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Finally learned how to play this on guitar a couple years ago. Actually isn't hard to play. But playing it as good as Knopfler... that's tough.
Slipknot 2.0?
They are a native American band from Cincinnati OH. My buddy was saying something about the government killed the lead singer's brother somehow or some crazy chit. He didn't really go into it. So they are kinda like a Native American Rage Against the Machine I guess, but Death Metal. That's not my buddy in the vid btw. He was the drummer on one of their albums though. He played some of their other music for me that's not on YT. Pretty good, even though I am not a big Death Metal junkie.
Dusted off the better dayz and r u still down (remember me) albums.
SLAYER/ Exile, the Ex is working her magic today, so no better way to deal than music. 🤪
Momma always played this tape. It's stuck in my head now.

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Listening to myself.


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