What music are you listening to RIGHT now?

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right now I'm listening too free bird by i dont know who... Its a classic but the guitar solo rocks.
Originally posted by RaCinJason399
right now I'm listening too free bird by i dont know who... Its a classic but the guitar solo rocks.

This statement speaks voumes about our youg people today...they have no clue what it is they are enjoying.

Jason, you are listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Staind-Epiphany and which ever is on my winamp playlist...:music:
The playlist I'm listening to right now:
1.SUM41-The Hell Song
2.Ludacris-Area Codes
3.Jimmy Eat World-The Middle
4.System Of A Down-Prison Song
6.GroupX-Mario Twins
7.Azn Pride-Got Rice?
9.Linkin Park-In The End
10. Incubus-Drive
And Repeat button is pressed.
Thats who it is lol sky.. well the artist name wasn't there... But it is a good song....

I have like 11 main playlists... they rotate around.. thursday, the get up kids, saves the day, sublime, matchbox 20, Jimmy eatworld, incubus, eminem, creed, AFI and talking back sunday
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Stand-Epiphany, It's been a while, price to play, out side, for you, Cold play-In My place, clocks
Linkin Park-Somewhere I belong, In the end
B-Legit- So International
50 Cent-21 questions, miniman
Alphaville- Forever Young
Guns and Roses- Don't cry
Bone Thug N Harmony-Home
Akia- California
and a few chinese song...

Thats what I currently have on my playlist, going on repeat...

Silent, you really like that got rice song? Its pretty lame to me, its been out for years......
Six Feet Under - One Bullet Left
Cannibal Corpse - fiddlesticked with a Knife
Bathory - Requiem
Dying Fetus - Kill your Mother, Rape your Dog

there is more, but my finger hurts. (Burned with a soldering iron putting a stock motor in my TC3)
Silent, you really like that got rice song?
Not really, its just been on my mind so I had to listen to it. Its actually pretty amusing. Racist bastards...:devil:
right now Dayton Family-Whats on my Mind up next Danzig 4
Hot Talk 1080 Waiting till 4 to hear Tom Lykis!!!! He rules!!!!
Fear Factory - Linchpin Good tune I do say :)
Mark Knopfler is one of my favorite guitarists of all time. And for the youngsters, he's the guy that sings "Money for Nothing (and Your Chicks for Free)".

This song just puts me in a trance at about the 10:00 mark.
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" - 95.9 The RAT" https://wrat.com/stream/WRATFM/
95.9 WRAT is what I listen to all day.. plus 104.3 NY classic rock

I like all rock heavy metal classic alternative some pop hip hop from back in 90s and 80s... Tupac biggie snoop Dre Em to many to list but the new demons form dragons is my favorite these days and a couple others
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