THinking of another nitro car........

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My son has his T-maxx. Since he wont let me run it much, i'm going to look at buying another one. (my contribution to the economy).

Thinking of a 4409 (Nitro Rustler). Opinions? I want a 2wd (something i can race at a LHS, they don't let the maxx trucks run (too heavy).


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If you're sticking within traxxas, also look at the JATO. The rustler is a good truck though. If you're branching out, look at the RC10GT2 as well. Are you only looking for 1/10th scale?


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I wasn't sure so did some research. The rustler is no longer made. SO if you want it you pretty much have to get a used one with a 2.5 mil. BUT you can get the JATO 3.3 and put different tires on it to run off road. This is what i would recommend!! Plus there are very few cars that can keep up with a jato. It's crazy fast. And for racing you can put a Single speed trans conversion ($10) for racing. Anyway, make sure that the track you go to races stadium trucks and not 1/8 buggies. You want to get what is most popular at your track.


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Thanks for the heads up!!! I will call them tomorrow and see what seems to be popular, and if i can run a JATO.

The Maxx is awesome. I like Traxxas stuff so far. I have had an RC10 in the past too.

i'm open between 1/10 & 1/8


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I have a jato and for bashing (or track running for practice) the two speed trans is great. It lets you gear low so you can take off hard, then when second kicks in, it's just gone.

With RPM arms and a few minor upgrades, it's tough little rig too. I bash mine as hard as my aftershock and savage and it just keeps on going.

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