Senton 6s/Typhon build

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Well, after ordering numerous little itty bitty parts, numerous times, thinking I had everything I needed in my stock pile of extra parts :rolleyes: I FINALLY finished my Senton 6s build!! 🥳

This was my 1st true build from scratch. Sure I stretched my Typhon, but that was basically removing parts in whole and putting on a LWB chassis. Truggified my other Typhon........easy Peasey! Upgrading a few parts and throwing a 4s esc/motor in my Infraction problem!

This was def a challenge for me. Frustrating at times ("Why won't this part fit!?!?" - "I swear I had this part/screw!!" - "Where the eff does this go???"). 🤣

Most time consuming part for me was identifying screws to use. Some parts have screws that, well, "This fits, I'm gonna use it!" 🤣Going to the exploded view of the Typhon or Senton 6s (depending on which part I was putting on), finding the screw or part, clicking on link to get size or part number, digging through my JennysRC screw bag and my own large pile of assorted screws, measuring them (I suck at eye ballin' measurements 🤷‍♂️), etc. Def a process.

Overall though it was satisfying seeing it come together. I still need to set epa, throttle, droop etc. It's supposed to be a little over 40 degrees here this weekend, so it'll get it's maiden voyage this weekend! Hopefully nothing falls off!!! 🤣

Hindsight: 🤔
Next time (IF there is a next time lol) I will meticulously go through the exploded views and account for every little screw and piece to ensure I have everything.

I will NOT binge watch new shows, watch football or drink/smoke too much while doing it. Would have gone a lot faster! 🍻🤪

Mad respect to all of you that build truly from scratch!!! ✌️😁

Parts list: About 63.6% Typhon 6s/36.4% Senton 6s 🤪
  • Typhon chassis wrapped in CF look wrap on both sides. 1st time using a heated wrap and it def didn't turn out perfect, but still looks good imo
  • TLR black motor mount with new flanged screws (had the original red one on 1st, but wanted to black it out best I could)
  • Typhon BLX rear shocks on the front and rear
  • Typhon BLX diffs, arms, steering, hubs, sway bars, etc.
  • Power Hobby dual fan motor mount
  • 3x 40mm Surpass Rocket fans....2x motor...1x on esc fan bracket holder created by an AF member
  • Aluminum servo mount/horn/linkage
  • Aluminum center diff support
  • Arrma metal center diff case
  • M2C F/R chassis braces
  • Fast Eddy Bearings
  • R6FG receiver
  • Senton 6s (S6S) F/R bumper sets
  • S6S side guards
  • S6S center diff mount
  • S6S body mounts
  • S6S roll cage top
  • S6S rear wing - rattle canned black
  • Original S6S green and black body
  • S6S Basher Queen CF shock towers and steering plates
  • HobbyStar HBW 4724HV brushless servo
  • Firma 150A 2050kv esc/motor combo
  • Power Hobby Raptor 1/10- 17mm belted SCT tires
  • 60f/300c/30r Diff oil
  • 50T metal spur with 15T Tekno pinion

Hope you all like it! Can't wait to run it!! GO ARRMA!!!! 🤘😁✌️















Apologies for high jacking your thread @Smilinbri
O no worries at all. I do that all the time on Arrma Forum. Not on purpose, just happens. 🤷‍♂️

Plus, my original post probably already reached it's max responses. 🤷‍♂️😂✌️

I appreciate you guys. Much respect! 👍✌️😁
Peace Out Respect GIF
Awesome build @Smilinbri 👏 👍👌

How did that diff fluid combination work out, now that you've run it?
Thanks!! It actually runs nice on those oil weights. I put the same in it recently when I did my maintenance. Maybe this winter I'll try 500 in middle.

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