rollinlow's berg build

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Very nicw rollin, now we need action shots and some video, LOL!!!! no mre rolex crawling, LOL!!! JK!!!!
well as soon as my order gets here she will run

now where did i put the glass shelf lol
Give me your addy and I'll send you a paper towel soaked in my favorite glass cleaner. :D

lol thats funny naw man it will never be as clean as the savage of yours
Wow, that Berg is Bad a$$! You guys are gonna have me crawlin before long. lol
thanks alot man

can't wait for my esc and motor,i hate waiting
I would change the springs out to some rear Slash springs all the way around.
chip are u talking about the stock slash springs?are they better then the losi ones?

i got 50wt in it right now b/c thats all i had but i might go down some
sweet pics man, you are gonna love that thing!!!! my berg was the best thing I've ever built by far for crawling so i know yours is gonna be bad ass too!!! keep it up...
i got my esc,bec and last motor today so i hope i can get it running tonight

updates coming soon.......
dude you are gonna giggle like a little girl when you get it going, i know i did so i hope you do too lol.
Did you get your Dig set up to? can't wait to see the finished product...
i have everything for the dig but I'm not putting it in till i get a new radio which should be really soon
maybe a video of it running tonite.....:D
hell yeah brutha!!
well i ran out of solder so i only got power to one motor but i ran it a little tomorrow ill pick up some more solder and it will be done for now

list of thing still need to do is
redo front steering
clean up all the wirings
make the dig
get a 3ch 3pos radio
get some rovers

video tomorrow
Glad it s comming along, sounds like you just about got her buttoned up....oh and you will love the Rovers, But IMO they need larger foams...
well i did sumthing tonight i never wanted and thought i was do

the berg is posted for sale for 800 rtr :whhooo:

why u may ask well i have a to pay a dental bill and get some more work done soon and well that poop cost way to much so i have to let it go
i have thought about this for about a week now and well i need the money:\

I'm pretty sad sucks atleast i got to see it run first

well i didnt post it on here but if anybody wants it 700 no esc and bec or 800 with the esc and bec

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