Poll, Why did you choose R/C as a hobby?

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Why did you choose R/C as a hobby?
When did you know you had to have one?
I'm not sure why I chose R/C as a hobby, I think it was the same time I knew I had to have one, which was when I saw a t-maxx video. I never even considered electric, I wanted the gas!!

The first time I saw a Tmaxx video on the Net I was screwed right there X
x_789 - Ditto!

My SON wanted and R/C for Christmas (he was 8, now 9)...I was tired of buying him cheap Walmart and Toys-R-Us junk that kept breaking. I had a Tamiya Rough Rider about 20 years ago...I was thinking, THAT's more what he needs. Something we can fix if it breaks.

I searched the Web, found the vids on Traxxas.

I was bagged, tagged, stuffed and mounted as a new Nitro R/C nut before the first vid was over!

So my son has a Nitro Pede and I've gone through all sorts of vehicles in the last 9 months!
After watching a race at my local track I got a t-maxx the next day:D
After I saw my brothers in law, racing there trucks I had to have one, now I have three nitro R/Cs and one more on the way in November :banana:
I started with planes and hydro-planes when I lived near Cleveland...back when I was 13. It was something cool to do, and I had a blast with it.

I went off became and engineer and then a flyer for the Navy...always wanted a monster truck...couldn't afford the 1:1 version so the T-Maxx filled the void.
Ahhhh.....I remember it like it was yesterday. She had long blonde hair and eyes that would melt you, not to mention her innocent, pouting......OOOOOOppppps! That's a different story.
My start was probably 20+ years ago. I was about 13. A friend of mine knew the editor of a local racing magazine. This guy was a member of an RC club. So my friend's dad took us to watch a race on night. I was pretty sure I was hooked then. I begged for about a month and I finally got a "state of the art" Associated RC12E. Pan car. Fibreglass chassis. Simple by today's terms. But a blast. I raced for about 2 years. But being young and not paying attention, I was not very good. When I got older, I had other things taking my time. Mostly dates and a number of bands that I was playing in. 3 years ago, I was mildly obsessed with gliders when I bought RCCA on a whim. When I read that first issue, I knew I had to get back in. So I bought a GT. Then an RS4 RTR. Then the Maxx. And then an RS4 3. Yup, I'm hooked. Sometimes I stare at the shelves in the back of my garage. At all my stuff. And I realize I am totally pathetic!!!! But I am happy as.....heck. (Just being safe...)
i've always liked r/c and i like rally car racing so i was thinking about getting a hpi super rally. then i found out that alot of nitro r/c's don't have reverse. then i saw the t maxx video and i've been hooked ever since.
my friend found a grasshopper buggy in his basement and a rc nitro mag we looked at the mag and then i saw it a traxxas ad for the T-maxx my friend said thats theres no way i can get it cause you know, $500 is alot of mony! and one moth and a summer later i proved my friend wrong:D
There is two things every man needs....... a hobby and a good set of tools.

I chose R\C because getting together with some buddies and bashing the hell out of our trucks is priceless.

I knew I had to have one when I saw the first generation T-Maxx on the hobby store shelves.
When I finaly came to the conclusion I couldn't put anymore mods on my Mustang without voiding the warrantee, I went looking for somthing I could get into that involved working on engines and going fast. I was cruising the net one day and came across a radio controlled truck on the radioshack site, I started thinking about my old Blackfoot and how much fun I used to have. I did a search on RC's and came accross the Traxxas site, seen how nicely the newer Nitro vehicles were being made and I was hooked instantly.
As a side note, EVERY male between the ages of 10 and 50 that has seen my Maxx in action has said they would love to have one.
i was hooked when i went to my friends(who is 28 years old) and saw his tmaxx, then i went to monster jam and saw them all running around, but i ended up w/ a nitro rustler and still wish i could have a tmaxx but until next summer when i can buy the 2.5 tmaxx i will live w/ it.

well since i was about 3 i played with rc cars and i always bought different electric cars from radio shack or toys r us or stores like that.. well back in july 1999 i decided i wanted to get a gas rc car so i went to i think 5 or more stores to find a magazine and i still have that one on my book shelf... thats what got me into rc cars being obsessed with the electric ones most of my life then i had enough of the battery charging and i went to gas cars as i say not nirto.....
First time I saw one Run I just had to have one(HPI Nitro Rush) Did a search on RC's found the Maxx Knew I had to have That was Two years ago Now I got the 2.5 and I AM HOOKED!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:
I found a box of my brothers with an ancient electric buggy in it when I was about 16. I re-assembled it, but only one problem - it was the middle of January and there was a foot of snow outside. I figured screw it - what he doesn't know won't hurt him, so i studded the tires with 3/4 inch lag bolts, and took her out. Man, did that thing hook up for the 10 minutes I drove before it fried.

Then a couple years ago my wife and I were walking by the bmx track (that I posted those pix from) and a guy there had a nitro truck, coulda been a maxx, I'm not sure. I was just telling my wife 'I've always wanted one of those' when the thing hit 2nd gear. That floored me. 2nd gear on a gas powered RC? Wicked, but still couldn't justify the cash.

About 8 months ago I was in a car accident, got rear-ended. Doc says 'no more hockey, no more sledding, your back won't take it. Why don't you find a nice sedentary hobby to pass the time.' Well, sold the sled, shelved the gear, and before I could do it myself, the wife surprised me with my Maxx, about 5 months ago.

Now how am I gonna talk her into that Savage?

Hey Ed, what's your story? Another classy post by the way. Great read.

I started way back in the mid 80s, it was a good way to cut the stress after a hard day at the office so to speak.
I have 'manic compulsive behavior' disorder. 'Nuff said.

I Loved r/c for ever !
But i decided to get into nitro r/c when i saw this one guy at a campsite driving one !!It was some kind of buggy couldn't tell who made it.Thats when i asked my dad to buy me one . And he bought me and him one, and i've been hooked on the ever since!!