One-way bearing oil, does it differs from regular bearing oil?

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In the manual for my Xray XB4C 2022, it says to apply a drop of One-Way bearing oil after every 1-2 hour of driving to increase the lifespan... I don't have the recomended Hudy One-Way bearing oil, only "regular" bearing oil that I use for my ballbearings.


So what do you guyes thing? Should I buy jet another oil or is regular bearing oil good enough? I guess you should apply a drop of oil so often because it spins away from the bearing after a couple of hours?

Thanks for any advice!
After doing some research it isn’t not the same a regular oil, you can find it here then when you get it compare it to normal bearing oil and see if it’s really the same just upselling.
Hope this helps
I never really lubricated on as my nitro leaks. Through research, traxxas recommends 5w30 motor oil.....

@bill_delong or @cbaker65 would be my guess as to what to do.

That's a useful link, good to keep in mind. OP isn't referring to the OWB on a nitro engine though, their's is part of there slipper clutch on an electric buggy.

Every 1-2 hours seems a little high for a bearing that won't even be turning most of the time, just my 2 cents.

Kyosho makes a one way bearing grease, maybe that would last longer than the oil.
I think any bearing oil would do just fine. I mean, it's a metal roller in a metal race. Just becsuse it is a one way bearing makes no difference on the oil you use.
I never oil my O-ways ,I pull them out an clean them every now & then but I dont oil them ,
so I can't help you to what oil to use!
Oil & grease killed one of my O-way bearing in the trans on my MGT. ,it caused the o-way
to slip on the shaft an it fried it!