New EZ Start.

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The new EZ start for the Maxx has its ups and downs.
All in all it’s OK.

The molded plastic case with belt clip is cool but we will hear a lot of grumbling as time goes on.

You have to align the entire EZ start up and down to get it into the truck correctly. With the Battery case being rigid plastic I foresee many a ruined day from cracked EZ start cases.

With the weight of the battery way up on top the case WILL CRACK.
Lets be real… Have you ever left the EZ on your truck and driven off into the sunset? Come on now admit it. I have. With the new system this will only happen 1 time, then off to the LHS to get a new one.

The new unit has 2 LEDs on it, 1 for the battery and one for the glow plug. I guess for the beginner this will help in diagnosing any starting issues.
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I kinda liked the old ez start because the end had the wires which were flexible thus taking up less space in your rc kit.

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I never liked the old ez start, pain in the arse, and it doesn't sound like I would like the new one either. I am all about the pull start on my T.


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I like the new one now that Traxxas sent me one to replace the bum unit that came with my 2.5.

The original EZ Start (1) never did seem to do the job on the glow plug and I used a separate igniter. The new one actually does seem to be able to light the glow plug.

I don't know if the little plastic plug setup will eventually break off. Only time will tell.

It is definitely not a pain in the arse when everything is working. Just plug that controller in and hit the button for a couple seconds and off we go throwing rocks.

Yesterday I had the glow plug LED not come on. This is supposed to tell you the glow plug is bad. I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled the glow plug and hooked it to my igniter and it did not get hot.