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Sorry man but I was getting to old to wait for the site to load. So if you want people to wait for like ever your going to have to tell us what were waiting for???

RGfarm racing

I agree with Hunter,Dude I have the slow internet here in the sticks 56K ? I think I could have waited a week for it to load :D But I'm curious WHAT IS IT????????????


RCNT Addict
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Yeah, me too. Hmmm, the site usually loads pretty quickly. If you want to see it, just wait it out.


'Cuse is in the house!
Syracuse, NY
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I just about killed a friend of mine with a site like that. I LMAO!!!!!! But she was a bit pissed.


Kind of good admin
Lexington, KY
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LMAO - I was about to delete the thread cause that song was so stupid, but then it happened! LMAO!!!



RCNT Addict
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i had my volume down low and was not looking directly at the screen,so i wasn`t too shocked by it ,but if i was looking at it and had it loud,i`d have dumped my shorts i reckon:D


Fist of Goodness
Staff member
Central Florida
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Bashing, Racing
I had my wife watch it and she told me I was a sick individual, she jumped like 5 feet from the computer, I was laughing so hard I could not even breathe. :D

RGfarm racing

I sent it to all my friends:D Two of them replyed with one word E-mails A_ _ hole :D Humm i dont know why?


RCNT Addict
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Yeah, it's a mean little trick, but it's so much fun when you can watch someones face when they see it. Just make sure you close the window after you watch it. I was responding to the email while this thing played again and it got me for the second time.

RGfarm racing

Rofl Twice???? cool bet that would have been a good hidden video;) Got twice by your own post HEHEHE:D

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