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I'm planning to make the jump over to a new side of the hobby, and venture around with scale crawling. I've got my vehicle picked out, (Axial scx24) and wanted to make a mini scale rc crawling wonderland! I know a lot of people do the same thing. Anyway, I wondered If anyone has seen/done something similar, that they would like to share. I'm craving a little inspiration.


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take a trip to your local hardware store. They have all kinds of cheap materials. Bricks, wood, fake rocks, concrete to design your own obstacle, and people. That last one is the most fun because you will have to chase them down most of the time.

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I saw this one guy make his own fake rocks out of plaster, aluminum cooking pans and packing paper! :cool: It looked sick!

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If your a mountain biker, theirs no doubt you've seen the North Shore. It's very similar to scale crawling features. look it up, It's amazing!
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I think i'm going to make the crawler course out of aluminum cooking sheets, and plaster as posted above. The two YouTube channels that gave me the inspiration were Fresh squeezed rc, and ccxrc. I think i'm going to make the features out of popsicle sticks. And last but not least the grass out of store bought moss!:)

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Your recliner is safe with me. LOL😆. Anyway I got the supplies for my project, but i'm still figuring out how to put it together. They make it look so easy on youtube.

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I could have a trap door that's controlled by a secret string controlled by me. It would be hilarious to watch my friends fall through the trap door. LOL 😆

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