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Sylvan Lake Black Hills. TRX4 Defender, Quic Fusion 2300kv brushless motor, Holmes Hobbies SHV650 direct power servo, Proline Hyrax G8's, 3D printed tire inserts, Injora beadlock wheels, frontend wheel brass, diamond plate fender plating, headlight grills, Traxxas lighting system, rear and side window grates, 3D door handles and hinges, metal "Defender" "Landrover" emblems, undercarriage skid plates, 3D fuel cap, hand cut pinstripe for door lines, remounted jack for front body pins, handmade Camel Trophy equipment box, handmade aluminum backed vanity plate, various asthetic accessories, Warn 8274 winch, not mounted yet, waiting for bumper and controller.

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