How long will the T-Maxx last?

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How long do you think that Traxxas and the R/C community will support the T-Maxx/E-Maxx? I hope it has a really long life. I guess the only real answer will be as long as people are buying kits, part, and hop-ups.
Well with the number of companies making after market parts and hop ups for them, not to mention it is the number 1 selling monster truck I think it will be around a long long time. Tmaxxes are worldwide, look at any of the forums and look where the people are from, USA, Canada, Europe, Netherlands, etc., etc, man these things are everywhere. I love mine and I am ready for another one!
The TMaxx wont go anywhere for a long long long time. The question is, what will the new one be? I know people are sick of thinking about it or even hearing about it, BUT, I just hate seeing the competition get money that could be building the Maxx community instead. I'm referring to the "others" having a big block out of the box and Traxxas not. At least not yet.

The TMaxx however has wayyyyyyy toooooo big of a following for it to collapse. Just think, even if Traxxas closed, the people would keep it going just because they could. There is an aftermarket part to replace ANYTHING which means we, the community, have essentially taken control ;)
Fear the power of the T-Maxx!!!
I have brought 2 friends into the R/C world via the Maxx. They cannot escape its pull of pure fun!!
T-Maxx is long as there are drivers out there, there will be T-Maxxes for them to drive...or smash as the case may be...;)
Even if Traxxas were to dicontinue them there are enough after market companies making parts for them we can build em ourselves :D
My sediments exactly NCN. Just think of how much cheaper it really would be to do it that way :confused: After all, how much of your Maxx is truly stock????
Mine is about 25% stock...I haven't broken a bulkhead yet (seems I haven't been tryin' hard enough)...those will be my next upgrade on the "mini" Maxx. I may just buy them when I get the bulk's for my SuperMaxx. The rest of the plastic on the deck is stock plastic and the list is relatively short (tranny case, battery case, two servos, receiver case, fuel tank, body posts, bumper brackets, and the bulkheads and diff cases.)
My favorite paintball marker was originally made over 10 years ago and it is the second oldest type on the market, another one was marketed a few months earlier than my favorite. The reason these markers keep going is their upgrade parts. The stock versions keep getting better and better but not as fast as the upgrades keep getting better and better. Traxxas has made the new T-Maxx but the upgrades it has are nothing compared to the ones available right now. I suspect it will be a long time running before the T-Maxx has it's sunset.
Oh I would say it has a long old life of a minimum of 10 years. I mean Traxxas does not like to retire a product if it make them any moeny. Look at the Stampede and Rustler these things were introduced in 1994 all they have done is add a few ball bearings and a slipper clutch after these trucks were already over 5 years old. Heck you can still buy a new Sledgehammer this thing was introduced in 1989 Thats OOOOOLLLLLDDDDDD so think about it Traxxas will keep up this week stratagy of putting a couple upgrades ona vehicle then selling it as their newest addition to their line. This is what the did with the Tmaxx and now they call it a SUPER MAXX so next year instead of a new revolutionary Traxxas truck like the maxx was 3 years ago it will be a Wide body E-MAxx big deal woo whooo. Fooey
So no worries the maxxes are here to stay to bad the SRT and TCP didn't get some real support from traxxas.
Also look at this traxxas history page look at how many vehicles they do a year it has started to decline in the last few year then they drop a couple new things then one thing a year.
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