Traxxas Maxx Bites?

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Does anyone else have a distain for the Maxx? I have the wide maxx kit on it and I can't sand it. If anyone is interested, it's going up for sale very soon. I ran this rig a half dozen times and I am just not impressed. I think I am starting to have a dislike for Traxxas as a whole and I am not exactly sure why. :confused: I think it maybe started with their proprietary connectors and just got worse from there. Too bad because it all stared for me with the Traxxas T-Maxx and E-Maxx. They appeared to be paving the way and setting the standard in monster trucks. Now, Traxxas seems to be resting on their name. I'm a big Arrma fan because they continue to make their stuff better and better, Not the other way around. At least it appears that way to me, an average Joe consumer.
I have the wide Maxx kit on mine (second set) I rotate colors! I love my Maxx. Have had no problems with it since owning it.
I have a maxx. Absolutely loveeee it! Getting ready to put the wide kit and aluminum bottom skid plates on it.
I don't have one personally but a guy I run with a lot does. I've played with it a few times and I really liked it for its scale.

What don't you like about it?
A buddy of mine hates his. Says it rolls over too easy.