How do i reset HSN & LSN?

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Hi, I'm trying to retune my Mach 427 nitro engine. According to the manual says I should turn each needle 2.5 turns out. Does this mean 2.5 full turns (i.e from 12'oclock to 12'oclock)? Because when I tried this my car died every time I gave it throttle due to the fact that it's running too rich. Where'd i go wrong?
Thank you


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It means you screw both screws in until the bottom out, then back them out 2 full turns and 1/2 turn.

What's in the book is usually "break in" settings which are typically on the rich side.

What I read in the manual was 4 turns for the HSN and 2 for the LSN:

That's funny, the instruction manual is different for the Mach 427 and the Losi 427. I actually tried 4 and 2 and couldn't even keep it started. I'll try doing 2.25 and 2 tomorrow and see how it goes.


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Pretty sure the "losi" 427 and "dynamite" 427 are both dynamite. There were a couple versions though, gold head and grey head. I think the grey head ran a higher flowing carb. Maybe the gold was "dynamite" and the grey was "Losi".

Oddly, can't find the carb part number for the gold version, only carb parts. The opposite with the Losi/grey one. I can find the entire carb, but not the parts. lol

The grey one's manual is 2.5 turns for both.

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