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It's pretty cool to be asking plane advice from Maxxers. Good to see we are diverse. I'm thinking about getting an electric plane. I have limited flight experience. Mostly with 2 meter and hand-launch gliders. I have a 4 channel radio. I'm just looking for an affordable electric plane that I can fly at the local park or school.

Any suggestions?
If your going to be flying in parks get one of the new park fliers they look like fun.
Have you ever seen a Zagi fly by Trick RC?


Its a foam flying wing. 40 class electric. You can get the "X" version which is what I did. This will give you the carbon spar for rigidity as well as the 1700MaH NiCd pack. Which will give you 20 minutes of flight time instead of 2.

48" wingspan and sick to the bone! Everyone at our flight park has one of some sort. They are flown more than the rest and CHEAP to fix! The only thing I have ever broken is the elevons which are all of 2 dollars of balsa and a couple hours work. is a good resource for hopups etc. is the mftrs website.

Thanks. I have looked at them. I'm afraid they may be too tricky to fly for my skill level. It would be my first powered plane. And I never got very good at flying gliders, so I consider it my first plane. I do have a good radio. It's a Hitec Flash 4. Not top end. But it's a computer radio that has elevon mixing built in. So it would work.

I have built 1 EPP glider. I thought it was a little tricky to cover. Got a little awkward using the strapping tape and 3M adhesive. And then trying to get Monokote over it. Is this easier?

Soooo...would you think it would be good for a starter plane?
Well it in fact is my starter plane. Because of its durrability is why it is a great first flyer. Just think, one of those balsa ones that take hours and hours to build being crushed in seconds. Now take the Zagi, smash into a tree, the ground, another Zagi and just keep on flying.

Its REALLY an amazing machine. Thats why all the veterans have one. Its really cool how far along the electrics have come. I think it will be sooner than later that they start to take over in the plane arena. Much easier to maintain.

Again, cheap, durrable, fast and easy to fly.

A must for a beginner IMHO ;)
Chris, where did you get your 400X? I took your advice and I've been reading a lot on it. It looks cool. Most of the reviews say it's pretty easy to fly. I didn't realize that it can thermal fairly well. I read where some guys are flying 45 minutes on a pack 'cuz they can kill the motor and just float. I like the thought of that.
I've seen it advertized as low as $127. Is there anywhere better? And would standard servos kill the performance? I have to micros, but I would have to strip them out of my handlaunch to get to them. OK, so I'm lazy!!!!
LOL! Well you are going to want to use the micros from everything I've read. I picked up the HiTec ones for about 23 a piece. I used the standard receiver though that came with the Futaba Radio. If I could have done one thing different I probably would have purchased the HiTec Micro receiver as well. Just because you dont have to cut out as much.

Yes, the plane does thermal very well. And if you can get it for 127 then by all means get it. Thats 2 bucks less than what I got mine for. Just make sure you get the "X"

The bonus is your radio has built in mixing. Saved you some cash right there. You will have some serious fun with this plane. I promise, I wouldnt lie. I am still a newbie at flying but this plane keeps taking what I throw at it. Or should I say what I throw it at :D