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I’m looking to get a DV Recorder.
I would like to get the best camera for DV in the $1000.00 range.
Still pictures are not an issue. The size of the unit isn’t a big issue but I don’t want to sacrifice the DV quality.

Here is the unit I have been looking at.
Sony DCR-TRV17
I like the CZ lens but the 1-hour run time seems as if it may be an issue.
What do you guys have and what do you like or not like about your DV Recorder?
I have an older SONY...DCR-TRV8. It is great. The newer cameras come with better pixel counts and more features. I am a big user of SONY products and have never been let down by them. I think that you will like the TRV17.
A few suggestions...

Whatever you get, make sure that it has analog inputs. This makes it MUCH easier to take ANY other analog video source and convert it to digital.

You can take your old VHS tapes, cable TV inputs, etc. and record them with a DV Cam that has analog inputs. Then you can manipulate the vids with your PC. Then output them to DVD or Video CD too...

The best looking new DV camdorder I've seen yet is from Hitachi and it falls below your budget. The nicest thing about it is that it records to Mini DVD-RAM discs!! This thing is SCHWEET and it has a decent still photo process too.

These things are killer - there's no need for an interface on your pc anymore either, and the copy process to dump the vids to your hard drive is MUCH faster by just copying directly from the DVD RAM disc....of course you'll have to have a DVD capable drive on your PC too...

The COOLEST feature? Never have to rewind a tape again! You can go DIRECTLY to the scene you want with the on-board navigator! It's really sweet stuff.

Here's the faq:

Here are the two different models:


Here is my setup and what I suggest off my site:

The DZ-MV230A is the best price balance...it has a better CCD and is going for about $875 on the street:

I ***-u-me you can re-use the DVD-Ram?
I called every one of my media distributors and no one can get the 3 inch media for me in bulk. Where do you get them and $$ ?
I like the unit and will go look at one tonight.
Try CompUSA if you have one near you...they should have the 3"media...might also try places like circuit city.
I just got back from "Tour-Electrica" 4 stores in 3 hours.
Lots of great stuff on the market. Too bad none of the sales people were up to speed. LOL.
The Hitachi looks good @ $725 and 3 Sony cams with the CZ lenses from $700-999.
Just need to do a bit of research and make a decision. Tomorrow I will do a crash coarse in DV education. It’s not as cut and dry as the sales people make it seem.

Lots of good features to choose from but I’m most interested in what the best base platform for quality will be. Sony, Canon, Hitachi, Panasonic. On the surface at the mid to upper range consumer models its hard to get through the smoke and mirrors.

O-well a fool and his money are soon parted.
As I said before the SONY products are all quality. The new series of DCR-TRV digital camcorders are awesome. The mega-pixel plus image quality. The zoom capabilities. The compact size and readily available media. The Firewire connectivity to a PC for editing. The connectors available for S video and analog out puts to a standard vcr or television set. Mine even came with a remote control for the camera. I use it to record an event and then plug it into my 36" Sony WEGA HDTV and hit play on the remote...just like ploppin' in a tape from BlockBuster (if you still don't have a DVD player...which I have a few of those). The last but not least great quality (and I'm sure I've left out a bunch) is the fact that their prices have dropped considerably. When I bought mine, I got a midgrade in the series and paid $1500 for it. That was two years ago. Now they have most of them listing at under $1000.
For the 3" DVD media - check with www.warehouse.com - I didn't see any on their site, but I've dealt with them quite a few times sourcing parts for my IT Department. They can and almost always will get anything you need AND price match or better anyplace you can find.
I have a JVC GRDVL805U that I got about a year and half two years ago its only around 700.00 now I think I payed well over that and it is a slick camera.. I tottaly reccomend JVC cameras I did a lot of research at the time and this thing tool the prize for the money... I have used lots of Sony Products also I just don't like some of thier propritarty stuff.. Also they tend to run about 20% higher than everone else.. Hitachi is Top Qaulity I have Two HD TVs of theirs right now and they are exceptional..
Anyway don't count out the JVC's they are sweet products..
Just make sure you have Firewire card in your Pc or you will not be pulling off in real time from your camera.. Also don't but a firewire card by a dvd editing kit with a card and cable then you will get some free software instead of haveing to use Warez.. Depending on the card which are all about the same you get the free editing sft... Ulead makes some real friendly sft that is easy to use.. But if you want some hard core step up to a card with Adobe photoshop 6.0... Also look for traingin dvds or traning materials included with your editing sft.. Becasue getting the Camera is jsut the first step this is a big fat ocean of stuff to deal with in DV editing... X
Re: What Software?

Originally posted by FastEddy
Is nice owning your own Computer Store!!!
I have 3 VE editing titles in stock to choose from.

Ulead Video Studio V5 1v old. $28.99
Pinnacle Express (Light) $25.99
MoviePack 3.0 1v old. $79.00

What do you use, and what have you tried?
My wife says I have to choose just one. She hates when I try them than re shrink wrap it. :D
Hey Fast Eddie do you have a firewire port already on your box? If not then you should look for a dv kit you can get them for about 50 and up I actully bought a couple kits for the firewire cards and the cables anyway it had the Ulead 5 pro on that was the first thing I ever used its not real robust but its real easy to start with. After that I have used Adobe Mainly.. I guess I shouldn't tell a software seller ware to get Warez at huh? Just Kidding... I don't know anything abou tthe other two I have used a difrent pincal on a friends box but not much it was pretty nice they have good hardware also.. the Movie Pack I thought that was an add on from someone can't remember... X
To many choices..... :confused:
I have Firewire allready and if I try to get a software we dont carry I "WILL" get shot...

By this time tomorrw I will have something.
I'm a PowerMac user with iDVD and have played with Final Cut Pro. I agree with everyone here on the Firewire issue. Firewire is a must for DVD editing, uploading, and playing...there are a number of other advantages, but you mentioned that you have one, so I won't waste more space talking about it.

You are also going to want a large hard drive for the purpose of video editing...I currently run with a total hard drive space of just under 400GB. You might consider getting a firewire drive just for video editing, but whatever route you go...firewire or internal...get a big one.

Also consider acquiring a DVD burner. Then you don't have to keep your finished product on video tape or the hard drive. I have a combo drive DVD-R/CD-RW...what a nice toy.

Hope you find a camera you like...and have a computer capable of maximizing its use.
Additional note on the hard drive...7,200rpm drive is a MUST anything slower...is, well....just too slow!! Your vids will skip.

Fasteddy - you gotta like getting your question answered to the Nth degree eh?
Originally posted by Retread316
Additional note on the hard drive...7,200rpm drive is a MUST anything slower...is, well....just too slow!! Your vids will skip.

Fasteddy - you gotta like getting your question answered to the Nth degree eh?

Nice point...I hate it when I forget the little important details like that one...

Retread316...did I give too much information...his question just happens to be one of my areas of expertise (video creation and editing...)...I just wanted to make sure he didn't get the wrong stuff and get disappointed by it...
Thanks for all the help guys. I need it.
I have all the horsepower I need I’m a FREAK.
2 Gig P4, 2 100 (edit-oops I lied only 90) gig SCSI drives, Raid 2 with 128 megs of buffer, and 2 gigs of RAM. 40x Plex burner. USB2 and Firewire. Yep I’m a FREAK.
I haven’t got a DVD burner yet I’m going to see what takes the market + or – First.

I found a copy of Pinnacle 8 in my evaluation pile, NFR, I think I will use that.
My friend is letting me try his Sony TVR 17 for a week or so. I'm getting it all setup now.
Wish me luck.
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You are in there...I wouldn't call you a freak (unless that is a complimentary term in Sonoma County, CA). If you are a Freak, then I am either a Freak or a super Freak...I have two such machines (only they are PowerMacs) networked in my home, and am working on starting my own home web master business...ahhh the power of technology.

Good luck with the SONY, I am certain you won't be disappointed. Have a blast.
I consider myself a "Professional IT Super Geek"...my toys at work (the domain that I manage) consist of 35 servers, 260 desktops, 8 T-1's, 5 PBX phone switch cabinets, 9 HP 100FDX Switch Cabinets....etc, etc, etc...

So include me in your freak club.

Fasteddy - I have a BUNCH of toys, but not one spectacularly built workstation like that!