Changed ESC on JLB Cheetah Monster Truck 80A need to configure the controller

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I bought a JLB Cheetah Monster truck 80A and at first it was not working. I had to change the ESC 80A.

I changed the ESC 80A. Now I can turn on the JLB Cheetah, the lights are turning ON but cannot have it moving. Looks like I need to configure the controller.

Any idea how to configure the controller to have the RC truck working?

Thank you in advance for your help


Dekalb, IL
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It would depend on the esc. Most of them have a calibration process that sets them so they know what the receiver is doing. Usually steps to set full throttle, full brake, idle.

Can you steer or nothing at all?


RC Newbie


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Taylor Michigan
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without calibration esc will not work in steering channel.. the steering will also work when esc is not calibrated also as op says I have lights(yes you will)..find calibration instructions of the esc you are using and calibrate ...


RC Newbie
With the new ESC I received, should I have another part to configure it? or manual?
Can I find on the web any manual to configure the ESC.
I will try all the information that you are providing

Thank you for your help, really appreciate


RCNT Addict
Taylor Michigan
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Bashing, Racing
should have had calibration instructions..look on the web esc name # so on look look look.

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