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The Slowest Guy In Town
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El Dorado Hills, CA
I took a good hit on my skid plate last night.
It pulled a few screws loose that connect the skid to the bulkhead (Stock) and now they wont tighten.

I have heard of using CA glue in the hole. Is this a good fix or will they pull out the first time I take a hit? I have a new set of bulks but no time to change them before tonight.


Adrenaline Junkie
RC Driving Style
If you've got a new set to put might as well give it a try. I wouldn't use something like epoxy...but CA could be "convinced" to loosen up when ur ready to put the new bulks in place.


The Slowest Guy In Town
RCTalk Vendor
El Dorado Hills, CA
It held up for a bit. Normal driving and light runs on the track.
Once I pushed the truck and took some full speed jumps they popped out.

A good quick fix for the average backyard basher.
Nothing can take the place of proper repair and replacement of worn or broken parts.


RCNT Addict
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for maxxin at he limits,a bodge repair is only good while it is in the workshop.some will work,some will not,the ones that don`t work are horrible when you go out again and it fails therefore ending the bash or race.


RCNT Basher
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easy maxx

lol you said bodge, thats what they say on junkyard wars..

when i strip plastic parts, i try and make a bolt at the other end, but I'm not sure if that would work wiht the bulks...:confused:


The Slowest Guy In Town
RCTalk Vendor
El Dorado Hills, CA
I like to do things once and do them right. Its nice to know little tricks like this for field repairs but nothing replaces god ole TLC and new parts.


RCNT Talkaholic
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I wonder if some silicone sealant/adhesive would hold up ok for 1 night of bashing. I would think it would take more jolts then CA.


RCNT Addict
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While we are talking CA, has anyone else had problems with it. When I first started using it on my planes I didn't have any problems. Over time, my eyes would swell and water and my nose would get all stuffed up. I figured I was developing an allergy so I tried all different types of brands. I found that the odorless types weren't quite as bad. Anyone else have this problem?

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