Sold / Found 1/8 scale buggy trans for sale

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I hve a 1/8 cale buggy trans/center diff for sale, It is for an Ofna 1/8 scale MBx or any other Ofna buggy . I am askin 30.00 for it, it is new and never used.

I lso have a set of ofna Monster pirate tires and adapters for sale. I am asking 75.00 for them , that alot cheaper compared to a new set for 140.00. If you are interested in anything let me know at [email protected]
Is It Still For Sale?
CrAZy_CrAcKa said:
Is It Still For Sale?

Your kidding right???? This is his one and only post and its from over 2 YEARS ago!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry I'm a newbie to this 5hit,MY BAD CUH! :hammer:
LMFAO Its an oldly but a goodie :cheers:
I'm closing this thread due to the two facts pointed out, its over two years old, it was his only post, as well as this thread does not need to turn in to a spam fest.
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