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  1. Ghast

    What body can I put on my RC8.2e?

    Hello everyone! I just purchased a lot of 3 RC vehicles from somebody getting out of the hobby. One of which, is a 1:8 Team Associated RC8.2e. It came with enough spare parts to build a separate buggy pretty much. Has a Tekin / RX8 combo too. But, I can't seem to find any bodies for this...
  2. R

    Vintage Nitro Buggy Identification (Help Needed)

    I bought this today at a swap meet because it is interesting and in really good shape for something I assume was made in the 1970s. Can anyone help me identify the brand and model? There are no markings on it that I can find. The tub is aluminum as are the suspension components, transmission...
  3. Banjo_Z2005

    Wisconsin Tracksides 2022 Team Associated Off-Road Championships!

    this year the dates are set for the 3rd through to the 6th, November 2022. this time it seems to be full, due to them posting on Facebook that there already full with registration, ill be hopefully going to this! also if you have no idea what this is I'm posting 2021, Sunday mains. LINK TO...
  4. coldvod

    Picked this car up when i went out of town

    I have the manual too. A gs racing cl1 storm Top town view Top town view
  5. Snotrockits

    Is it My Ball Diff?

    Trying to diagnose if my ball diff is barking at me, or if its something else. When jumping my RC10B6.2d I hear a quick little "chirp" when hitting a jump or landing from a jump (quick torque changes), however it does not make any noises when accelerating on level ground or when I do the "pin...
  6. :D lmao

    best beginner nitro race buggy?

    I've been bashing around with nitro mt for quite some time now, and want to move into racing. just want something cheap and nice to beginn with:)
  7. Lefse

    Getting my old Nanda BD8 into shape.

    Welp, time for my first build thread. This will be a build thread for my old beat up Nanda BD8, I'm gonna transform it from a broken and outdated old buggy to a frisky updated buggy basher. Last fall I took it out of the basement and fired up after sitting in the basement for several years and...
  8. C

    Need help identifying make and model - Identified, Durtrax Axis.

    Hi, I recently bought an RC lot of planes and misc. this buggy was included. I'm leaning towards it being an OFNA but i can't figure out the model... the only one I've seen like it is on ebay but i think they have the model wrong. This thing actually fired up but i need to locate some front...
  9. D3MON

    D3MON's LRP S8 Rebel BX, LE- Pic heavy

    hey guys! been meaning to start a progress/build thread about this for awhile, but just havent been able to, just a really interesting piece (at least to me) so wanted to keep a detailed log of the project. for the most part, wanted to keep it as OE as possible, just because of what it is, and...
  10. ChadCharlieG

    Tamiya Off Road Buggies & Brushless motors?

    So this is probably a very noob question. But every time I see anyone with Tamiya buggies, they are always brushed. Why is this? Are Tamiya buggies unsuited for the power of a powerful brushless system? Also, I don't do organised racing, because another thought I had could be that they are...
  11. L

    Need help/advice

    I’m pretty new to RC cars. I played with them as a kid but they were just like the ones you get at Walmart. My 9 year old has shown interest in the hobby so I’m for sure going to support that. We’ve looked at different types and he really likes buggies. I’m looking for something we could both...
  12. T

    FS Racing 30CC Buggy 4wd conversion kit

    Hey there! First post here. I recently purchased a 1/5 FS Racing petrol buggy along with a tuned exhaust upgrade (which I had no trouble installing) and a 4WD conversion kit. (of which I haven't installed yet) However I am not very mechanically minded on what needs to be disassembled and...
  13. CapnJames

    Kyosho RB7ss Super Extra Fantastic Fun Time Build

    Hello RCT Nation! I am in the process of aquiring pieces and parts for my and could use some help. So far, I have the kit, a few different pinion gears (28t, 30t and 32t), a fancy exotech motor mount and battery mount. As for motor/esc, it seems hobbywing has a decent reputation. Looks like...
  14. S

    Help to Identify

    Hi Everyone Somebody please help me identify this Nitro buggy. I've been wrecking my brain for hours with numerous Google searches to no avail. Thank you
  15. T

    What RC nitro buggy is this?

    I'm trying to identify my buggy could someone help me with the make.
  16. Surfrattx

    Some burning questions about upgrading shocks

    Hi everyone. I've done my best to find this bit of information but have came up empty. I have a HPI Trophy 3.5 and parts are becoming rare to nonexistent after they discontinued the buggy. Here's my questions Do shocks have a standard size for the mounting holes or will they only fit specific...
  17. O

    Fuel Tank Modification

    I have a couple of Exceed 1/10 Nitro Buggies. I was wondering if anyone has ever come across or invented a gas tank lid that you could fill quickly like a one-way valve? I see that they make pressure guns to "inject" the fuel fast, but you still have to get to the lid and open it, from what I...
  18. J

    TLR 22-4 Ball vs. Gear Differentials

    Hey all, I believe the losi 22-4 1.0 is ball differentials in the front and rear, and the 2.0 switched over to gear differentials in the front and rear, correct me if I'm wrong. I read online that ball differentials have less play, and are generally better although require more maintenance as...
  19. Ororc

    Will the Kyosho Inferno GT2 2-speed fit a Inferno Neo?

    Has any one ever upgraded a nitro rc from 1 speed drive to a 2 speed drive In my case its a Kyosho inferno neo 2.0 Will be using the parts from the kyosho inferno GT2 Thanks
  20. Patsfan40

    Looking at getting into 1/8 truggy.

    I'm still relatively new to the hobby but am mechanically inclined. I currently have a ecx ruckus with all metal gears and a castle 3500kv motor. Looking for something more durable and that is faster. I was looking at the arrma kraton but the wife said it's to expensive so what are my other...