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  1. BarnFabRC

    BarnFabRC Slash Build Thread

    Just want to show off the Slash I’ve been piecing together over the last few months. I’m primarily building it for parking lot racing/general street use but I’m also gonna do some speed running with it as soon as find a suitable place to let it rip. I live in Philly so there’s not a lot of open...
  2. bckyrdbshr

    E-Revo 2.0 suggestions

    Got an E-Revo roller of my cousin. I intalled a spectrum Firma brushless system in it. ESC is150amp 3-6s and Motor is Spektrum 2050kv. I'm not into wheelies so I need a setup that keeps the front end on the ground. I need recommendations for Shock oil weight, stock Revo spring rates, (what color...
  3. RET4RD

    Sold / Found Spektrum DX3 Transmitter

    Spektrum DX3 I pulled off of my Vorteks; transmitter only. Flowers and napkins not available. 3 Channels AVC compatible Foam Wheel Consistent sensitivity from neutral to full tilt Single model memory Stickers! Works perfectly, I just recently upgraded to a DX5C. Excellent condition, and it's...
  4. S

    DX8 (gen1) with E-flite RC Airplane Apprentice STS 1.5m?

    Howdy, Is it possible to use a DX8 (not the second generation) to control an E-flite RC Airplane Apprentice STS 1.5m? Is there a better site to pose this questions? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  5. Kage

    My Overkill Voltage Project (chronologically, and now in video form!)

    Hello Fellow Bashers I picked up an Arrma Voltage in October of 2020 after a long hiatus from the hobby. I was tired of pandemic gardening, especially since I have the most frustrating of thumbs in which my seeds will grow, giving me a false confidence. Then, begin the slow, drawn out process...
  6. kbadgley

    Building SCX10II - Wanting to use DX6i Controller

    I currently have a build...almost complete.. of the scx10ii chassis (first RC Car build), however I have helicopters, so I figured it would be worth just using my heli controller, which is a DX6i. I ended up buying a Spektrum AR620 receiver, but noticed... nothing is labeled other than 1-6 and...
  7. scoviman

    Spektrum S605 servo

    In the past few months I’ve purchased a Losi Tenacity SCT and am having a servo issue. I have not hit anything head on with the truck yet to cause the problem I’m about to tell. I noticed something odd the other day when I was “bench testing” the truck after making a few adjustments. The splined...
  8. fragged3d

    E-Revo plugs won't fit Spektrum transmitter

    I recently bought a Spektrum DX4R Pro for my Traxxas E-revo and Losi 8ight e 4.0 and when I try connecting the e revo which has the monster mamba 2 installed, nothing fits in the spektrum receiver!
  9. Rooky78

    Radio system thoughts.

    So, I read a lot about computer radios, newfangled this and that, telemetry... you know the drill. I'm a simple guy, I don't think I really need to know whether I'm running just shy of Mach 1 or 28 MPH. That being said, I have a mess of RTR radios with my stuff. I dig 2.4, and I REALLY like my...
  10. WoodiE

    Spektrum DX6R 6-Channel DSMR Radio System

    There is a new high-end radio system from Spektrum, the Spektrum DX6R! The DX6R is designed with several popular technologies built-in, such as bluetooth to wirelessly transfer model programming to another DX6R radio user, or the wifi radio to download updated firmware as well as it's wireless...
  11. olds97_lss

    If you have spektrum range issues, try one of these.

    I have never had great luck with the spektrum radios. My first was a DX3.0. Range was awful, 100-150 yards max if I was on a hill. It was old and didn't have enough model memory for me so I picked up a DX3S kind of cheap on ebay and it was worse. I liked the lighter weight of it though, so after...
  12. T

    need help choosing radio

    hi i just got an ofna nitro buggy with a os vspec vzb engine. It has a spektrum 3100 receiver and i was wondering what model the rc was and whats the cheapest ,compatible spektrum receiver that will work?
  13. Gosuto

    Spektrum SR3300T Bind Port Question

    Hey everyone, I checked around here and can't find an existing answer to this (but maybe there's a similar issue somewhere and my inexperience doesn't recognize it). In my Nitro Stampede I have the OEM Traxxas receiver and a Spektrum SR3300T. From what I can see, everything is wired to the...
  14. SMaxxin

    Sold / Found Spektrum Dx6i

    Found one
  15. Rob Ruddick

    spektrum bind failsafe problems

    Has anyone had a problem getting the full brake failsafe to set while binding an sr 300 to a dx3c...I had no problem with the sr 3000....mumble mumble...
  16. Greywolf74

    Spektrum DX8

    So I did go ahead and buy a DX8. The DX6i was probably easier for me to use in terms of setting it up but this deal I got was really good so i said what the heck. Plus I turned around and sold the DX6i to a buddy of mine for what i paid for it so I was out nothing. I love this thing though. has...
  17. SMaxxin

    Sold / Found Spektrum radios,/rx's, Traxxas VXL-3S

    Spekturm DX3C TX and RX, in excellent condition shipped in the factory box. Not pictured but included are the two extra grips in different sizes to fit your hand. Sold
  18. WoodiE

    Free Spektrum receiver with purchase of select transmitters

    If you've been thinking about purchasing a new Spektrum transmitter, now is the perfect time as Horizon Hobby and participating retailers are giving away a free Spektrum receiver with purchase of select transmitters! Click to continue
  19. SMaxxin

    Spektrum Transmitter and fail safe

    It's been a while since I have used a decent surface radio so I'm behind on what works with what. Will the fail safe on a Spektrum transmitter still work with while bind to a cheap Orange Rx GR300 receivers?
  20. godale03

    Sold / Found F/S Spektrum DX3R with drop down wheel kit

    Hey Guys, Up for sale is my Spektrum DX3R DSM2 Transmitter with the pro drop down wheel kit. This radio shows almost no wear and was alwasy kept in a radio case. This radio still has the protective film over the screen and logos. This radio is fully functional. This does not come with an RX...