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  1. Og team associated RC10GT

    Og team associated RC10GT

    Got this ol school off ebay for 120 in damn near mint condition asfter a good cleaning. scooped up a shell, customized those hpi wheels & she was born again a Bad Bittch!!
  2. cbaker65

    Cleaning, A.E. RC10 GT

    Decided to pull this off the shelf ,clean it an give it a run ,its been quite alot of years since it has been ran ,like a lot of my RC's have sat ,they need some maintenance ,I will try to get all or most of them in running condition ,some need clean an some need some new parts put on to...
  3. D3MON

    D3MON'S RC10GT

    so after many years of drooling and wanting one it finally worked out that i was able to get myself a truck i had been looking for for a long time. The Iconic RC10gt. from what i can determine it started life as an RTR+, or possibly one of the factory team versions given the options it has...
  4. M

    I need help with a RC10GT carburetor

    My old rc10gt carburetor's arm is snapped off the carb and i need help with ways to fix it without using JB weld. it is a rotary carburetor
  5. I

    Clutch Mystery

    i have (from what i was told) a old RC10gt. it was a gift from a friend many years ago and I'm just getting into it now. the other day i had it running and all of a sudden would not accelerate anymore. what i saw was the spur gear stopped and the bell housing not moving when i tried to make it...
  6. Nitrobuzzard

    Which engine for RC10GT?

    Recently picked up an RC10GT from @Bill, my new project. Anyway, looking for a good engine to go in it but I'm not going to spend stupid amounts of money for it. I looked at the Dynamite Mach 2 and it's around what I'm looking to spend. Any other recommendations would be appreciated. -NB
  7. Nitrobuzzard

    Sold / Found RC10GT parts

    Ok guys, I got the RC10GT from Bill, great guy to deal with BTW. I'm now in need of a fuel tank and a flywheel/clutch setup. I can get them new off ebay but if anybody has anything laying around, I would rather buy from a member. Let me know -NB
  8. Nitrobuzzard

    Sold / Found RC10GT

    Looking for a complete roller, prefer stock but list what you have. Pics are nice too! -NB
  9. HPI-Killer

    Sold / Found WTB: AE NTC3-MGT-RC10GT2 Parts

    Lookin to buy the following AE parts. MGT 4.60 - Forward Only Conversion Kit, Fuel Tank, Inline Fuel Priming Bulb, Upgraded Manifold & Or Pipe, Stiff Shock Springs, OWB & Or Pullstart Unit. MGT 8.0-Front & Rear Diffs, Inline Fuel Priming Bulb RC10GT2-OWB, Pullstart Unit, Wheels & Or Tires...
  10. 1

    rc10gt with a 2.5

    So i just set up a deal for a rc10gt but i was told it is a rc10gt2 with a traxxas 2.5 that has a pull start . The guy wanted 50.00 so yeah i was kinda worried how the motor was. I was told he wanted out of the hobby and he is going to electrics. He is going to throw in a traxxas remote for...
  11. 1


    I know the 10gt pretty well i think we all do lol. I want to know when this new one came out did it kinda fizzle away? I do not see a lot of rtr out there. My lhs has one they want 299.99 and i am sure tax on top of that. Now out the door at 335.00 or so i think that is nuts what you guy's...
  12. brunom97

    Rc10gt engines

    I was wondering what kind of engine can fit an rc10gt is it possible for a hpi t15 or what else can I put
  13. Justin428

    Help identify mystery part on my rc10gt!!

    Today I bought a used rc10gt today from craigslist. It's very clean and nice and complete. I noticed the servos were a bit twitchy and I suspect the receiver. So I decided to swap receivers with another rc10gt I have. But, whats this attached to the Futaba receiver? :\ Its a black box that...
  14. L


    Just thought i would put it out there had a great day bashing car ran real well temps were in the 50s love this hobby oh I'm new to this and its a blast:D
  15. L

    Sold / Found rc10gt Starter box

    Looking for an electric starter box for rc10gt 1/10 scale
  16. L


    New to the hobby need help anybody anybody:)
  17. L


    I have a 2002 rc10gt was wondering if a can put a bigger engine in it and can the drive train handle it
  18. D

    Sold / Found WTB: eletric starter kit for RC10GT

    I'm tired of the pull start and looking for an electric starter kit for my older RC10GT Factory Team car.
  19. L

    Team Associated RC10GT2RS Tunned Pipes?

    I just purchased a RC10GT2RS part#7092 Ready-To-Run truck. Just wondering if anyone has good ideas for tuned pipes for this vehicle. I'm just bashing with the truck. I will never race the truck. Also I'm going to run the truck mostly on road. Maybe a little dirt or grass. Is there any pipes...
  20. C

    Sold / Found Team associated rc10gt

    rc10gt fully rtr with traxxas .15 engine truck is pretty fast with the .15 comes with 2 bodies and another truck for parts 150 obo or trade for other rc items here is a video of it running Rc10gt start and run - YouTube