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  1. M

    I need help with a RC10GT carburetor

    My old rc10gt carburetor's arm is snapped off the carb and i need help with ways to fix it without using JB weld. it is a rotary carburetor
  2. I

    Clutch Mystery

    i have (from what i was told) a old RC10gt. it was a gift from a friend many years ago and I'm just getting into it now. the other day i had it running and all of a sudden would not accelerate anymore. what i saw was the spur gear stopped and the bell housing not moving when i tried to make it...
  3. Nitrobuzzard

    Which engine for RC10GT?

    Recently picked up an RC10GT from @Bill, my new project. Anyway, looking for a good engine to go in it but I'm not going to spend stupid amounts of money for it. I looked at the Dynamite Mach 2 and it's around what I'm looking to spend. Any other recommendations would be appreciated. -NB
  4. Nitrobuzzard

    RC10GT parts

    Ok guys, I got the RC10GT from Bill, great guy to deal with BTW. I'm now in need of a fuel tank and a flywheel/clutch setup. I can get them new off ebay but if anybody has anything laying around, I would rather buy from a member. Let me know -NB
  5. Nitrobuzzard


    Looking for a complete roller, prefer stock but list what you have. Pics are nice too! -NB
  6. HPI-Killer

    WTB: AE NTC3-MGT-RC10GT2 Parts

    Lookin to buy the following AE parts. MGT 4.60 - Forward Only Conversion Kit, Fuel Tank, Inline Fuel Priming Bulb, Upgraded Manifold & Or Pipe, Stiff Shock Springs, OWB & Or Pullstart Unit. MGT 8.0-Front & Rear Diffs, Inline Fuel Priming Bulb RC10GT2-OWB, Pullstart Unit, Wheels & Or Tires...
  7. 1

    rc10gt with a 2.5

    So i just set up a deal for a rc10gt but i was told it is a rc10gt2 with a traxxas 2.5 that has a pull start . The guy wanted 50.00 so yeah i was kinda worried how the motor was. I was told he wanted out of the hobby and he is going to electrics. He is going to throw in a traxxas remote for...
  8. 1


    I know the 10gt pretty well i think we all do lol. I want to know when this new one came out did it kinda fizzle away? I do not see a lot of rtr out there. My lhs has one they want 299.99 and i am sure tax on top of that. Now out the door at 335.00 or so i think that is nuts what you guy's...
  9. brunom97

    Rc10gt engines

    I was wondering what kind of engine can fit an rc10gt is it possible for a hpi t15 or what else can I put
  10. Justin428

    Help identify mystery part on my rc10gt!!

    Today I bought a used rc10gt today from craigslist. It's very clean and nice and complete. I noticed the servos were a bit twitchy and I suspect the receiver. So I decided to swap receivers with another rc10gt I have. But, whats this attached to the Futaba receiver? :\ Its a black box that...
  11. L


    Just thought i would put it out there had a great day bashing car ran real well temps were in the 50s love this hobby oh I'm new to this and its a blast:D
  12. L


    Hey guys i have a rc10gt 1/10 scale the pull starter keeps slipping i took it apart and cleaned it an greased it still keeps slipping so should i replace the oneway bearing or could it be the starter shaft i looked at the shaft looks fine when its in my hand the bearing grabs the shaft and feels...
  13. L

    rc10gt Starter box

    Looking for an electric starter box for rc10gt 1/10 scale
  14. L


    Anybody out there looking to sell an electric starter box for a rc10gt
  15. L


    New to the hobby need help anybody anybody:)
  16. L


    I have a 2002 rc10gt was wondering if a can put a bigger engine in it and can the drive train handle it
  17. D

    WTB: eletric starter kit for RC10GT

    I'm tired of the pull start and looking for an electric starter kit for my older RC10GT Factory Team car.
  18. L

    Pair of RC10GT's

    My brother and I have a pair of Team Associated RC10GT's. We love the Associated .15 engines in them. but we were wondering about the carburetor. Mine has a little plastic "restrictor" inside of the carb throat the other is just open to its full bore. They run basically the same with minor...
  19. L

    Team Associated RC10GT2RS Tunned Pipes?

    I just purchased a RC10GT2RS part#7092 Ready-To-Run truck. Just wondering if anyone has good ideas for tuned pipes for this vehicle. I'm just bashing with the truck. I will never race the truck. Also I'm going to run the truck mostly on road. Maybe a little dirt or grass. Is there any pipes...
  20. ckeast420

    Sold Team associated rc10gt

    rc10gt fully rtr with traxxas .15 engine truck is pretty fast with the .15 comes with 2 bodies and another truck for parts 150 obo or trade for other rc items here is a video of it running Rc10gt start and run - YouTube