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  1. J

    Can I connect my transmitter to a receiver? If so, how?

    Hi, i want to know how I can bind my transmitter to a receiver. Can I do this by turning the throttle up and down or do I need to do momething else? Transmitter: syma x5c
  2. skurtzicus

    D3 binding problems

    i have a d3 thats having these binding problems i dont know why it was perfectly fine befoe i lost my remote and bought a new one, now I'm dealing with this. i want to get this done asap so i can bind my Team associated and get that running and looking good. PLEASE HELP!???
  3. D

    Spektrum or FrSky

    I'm looking at a Spektrum DX10T or a FRSky X12S Horus. Has anyone got some user comments before I buy. Thanks
  4. E

    S1670 digital surface servo smoking

    Hi, So I've been having a lot of problems with my car... I'm seriously considering just scrapping the damn thing but since I've got about 350 into it I figured I'd see if maybe the gurus here at RCTalk could help me first. I was driving my car around and suddenly noticed that the brakes stopped...
  5. E

    Traxxas Rustler intermittent full throttle

    I have a traxxas rustler with a Radient esc and a 9 turn 4300kv ezrun brushless motor. I run a 2s lipo, and I am having trouble with the throttle. It wont go full speed for more than about 2 seconds at a time. I'm not sure what it is, i dont use it that much, but it would be nice for it to work...
  6. I

    Futaba T3PV question.

    Have a Futaba T3PV transmitter. Just purchased Futaba r2104gf receiver. Tried linking it, had to switch sys to hf. Green light on receiver, transmitter keeps blinking blue led and beeping. What am i doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. T

    Looking for new radio upgrade

    I’m looking for a 5 or 6 channel remote that I can use for all 3 of my cars that is also kinda budget friendly. What do you suggest
  8. J

    Check out this crazy cheap Sanwa

    Found a crazy good deal on a Sanwa MT-S For 89.99 on eBay. Says it’s brand new? Why would it be so cheap? I’m assuming knock off
  9. batmanninja

    Sold / Found 75mhz crystal set

    any one have old 75mhz crystal set. i have my old jr racing xr3 tx and rx but no crystals. i bought some on ebay but they didnt work. found out they are for silgle conversion(nor sure what that means but its not what my radio is set up for)
  10. Gomesito

    HPI receiver issue

    I bought a used HPI brushed drift car. It has a stock RF-1 receiver. I just drove my car last weekend with no issues but yesterday when I turned my car on, I noticed that I did not hear the typical chim that the receiver made. What I did hear was the directional servo made a noise as it...
  11. DXtreme1

    Futaba 4PV transmitter

    Anyone else running using a Futaba 4PV transmitter? I wanted to discuss any issues, tips, accessories(especially ones that are not listed as a 4PV accessory but works for it), Reviews and personal experience with it. As far as accessories that are not listed for the 4PV it seems that any...
  12. S

    OLD Vintage Tires for Futaba Safari 1/8 buggy

    Does anyone have the ability to 3D replicate rubber tires for 1/8 scale buggies? I've got some Kyosho 1/8 2wd and some 4wd, as well as the Futaba 2wd 1/8 Safari buggies that need tires. Now I've probably got 1 (one) of each tire that would be suitable for making a replica of, the others were...
  13. S

    OLD Vintage Futaba Radio Systems Crystals and Modules

    I've got several of these Transmitters and have been trying to get matching Receivers, Crystal sets, and Servo's. These are the FP-T 2F models that are metal cased and originally came with tan colored plastic cased receivers and servo's. Those servo's by the way were a square drive not a...
  14. roger25186

    My new toy.

    My new Futaba 4PX radio, which I am still learning.
  15. MedTRevo

    TxRx and Getting Started Again Questions - Revo 3.3

    Hello, I admit, it's been a long time since I last posted in the community, so an informal hello to all. That said, my previous questions were always answered quickly and accurately so I know the responses will continue to follow suit. I have a Revo 3.3 that hasn't been fired up in almost 2...
  16. Rooky78

    Radio system thoughts.

    So, I read a lot about computer radios, newfangled this and that, telemetry... you know the drill. I'm a simple guy, I don't think I really need to know whether I'm running just shy of Mach 1 or 28 MPH. That being said, I have a mess of RTR radios with my stuff. I dig 2.4, and I REALLY like my...

    I loose signal on my Savage X

    I keep having signal problems, I loose reception a lot and at short distances. Batteries are both good in the receiver and transmitter...whats next?
  18. G

    HELP traxxas nitro rc project

    Picked up a nitro rc someone was throwing out, and i want to get it running again. I have close to no knowledge with nitro rc cars although i do i work with motorcycles so i understand the basics of the motor. i know it is a traxxas but not sure of the model. any answers would help a lot. Also...
  19. WoodiE

    Futaba 4PX software version 1.2 update available

    If you own a Futaba 4PX radio system, you'll want to upgrade to the newly released Futaba 4PX software update version 1.2. The new update comes with a number of changes as well as improves the wireless communication quality in addition version 1.2 also modifies features found on the Futaba...
  20. E

    Futaba reciever compatability

    I am pretty new to this, but started building a nitro buggy. I ordered a futaba 3pm-x transmitter which came with a Futaba r603ff receiver. Upon receiving i realized the receiver is only rated for 6v and i want to use LiPo voltage on my servos so I ordered a r614fs receiver. After placing my...