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  1. D3MON

    Getting back to running Losi LST(2)?

    hey guys, well i started a thread for my MGT and working on getting it back going, so going to do the same for my Losi LST, at the moment its kind of a Frankenstein rig between LST and LST2 (i think?) wouldnt mind help identifying. this was my newest purchase before getting out of RCing for...
  2. M

    Losi LST 2 help please

    Hello, recently my brother gave me his old Losi LST2 that headset in his garage for at least a few years he said it ran the last time he played with it and since having it I have gotten new gas new glow plugs new glow starter and nothing seems to work I have tried priming it only to have it very...
  3. gsbuickman

    My new brushless conversion Losi LST 2

    Hiya Guys :) . I know it's been awhile but for the last several years I put my ground vehicles on the back burner and focused mainly on my fast electric offshore boats instead. The rc boating around here has come to a standstill and I got tired of running by myself so I let them go and picked...
  4. S

    Losi lst 2 won't shift into high gear

    Need help trying to figure out why my losi lst2 won't shift
  5. D

    Losi LST 2 lost brakes and front wheel drive

    Evening guys. I have a Losi LST2 with the 427 and FOC installed. Went to the track tonight and had a blast. On the last run I lost brakes and front wheel drive. The servo is working properly. Any ideas before I tear into it tomorrow?
  6. D

    Losi LST 2

    I just got. Losi LST2 and it keeps kicking out of gear. Has anyone had this problem
  7. J

    usa 1 nitro lst 2 no radios

    Guy wants hundred a piece can u still get parts for the USA 1
  8. B

    Any PDF Breakdowns of the LST 2?

    Not the manual, I have that. More like a service book. I figure there must be something that will show the breakdown of the whole truck? Thanks Kev
  9. B

    lst 2 slipper clutch

    I bought a lst 2 new and having alot of trouble with the slipper clutch
  10. T

    Thinking about a Team Losi LST 2...

    Hey, I'm just looking into a losi LST 2 and i already have a savage so how would it compare and is it a good truck cos throughout this forum the Losi LST and HPI Savage seem to be the domonant truck favourites...

    Sold / Found Lst 2 parts

    Looking for motor, shocks, drive axles front and rear and diff's fr and rear. Need them as cheap or free as possible. Thanks Wayne ;)
  12. A

    lst 2 thunder tiger engine problem

    hi, i have installed a new thunder tiger .28 engine on it. When i started with the break in process ,i faced a problem. The engine starts only after i hit more then half throttle.(CARB OPENS TO 1/2.) The engine dies immediatey if the throttle is less then 1/2 throttle. Now if i run the...
  13. C

    Lst 2 wil not run

    My lst 2 will not run at first it was the one way i put a new one in and now it is doing the same thing when i give it gas the truck goes no were
  14. B

    looking at buying a losi lst 2

    hello all I'm considering buying a losi lst 2 to make my return to r/c racing any good / bad points about these truck?? all help will be appreciated:yes:
  15. B

    lst to lst 2

    i have been rebuilding my truck for the track switching it over to a lst 2 the drive axles and bearings are on order but does anyone know if i can use my old knuckles
  16. B

    racing lst 2

    i have been into rc's since i was a child i have now started to rebuild my lst for racing i have taken all the integy alluminom off and went with rpm a arms carbon fiber chase and swaped the o.s. 30 out for a peco .28 any other sugestions on getting my truck track ready:second_place::second_place:
  17. C

    LST 2 Hop ups

    What do you guys feel is the most necessary things to be hopped up on your lst2? I'm leaning towards buying the lst2 more thatn the revo 3.3 so I'm just asking to find out how much more i might need to spend on this truck?
  18. J

    Sold / Found Lst 2

    Looking at possibly picking up a LST or LST2.....If someone has even a roller let me know