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  1. cbaker65

    Fired up old baja.

    Decided to pull out the old KM baja after it been sitting for about 6 months to see if it would fire. It fired up with in about 5 or 6 pulls ,an stayed running ,atleast I know the carb hasn't dried up. I will put the receiver back in an give it a good run next w-end. Heres how it sits...
  2. WoodiE

    Lots of new HPI RC's on the way

    HPI has released details of several new HPI RC's coming soon at the Nürnberg Toy Fair. Venture scale crawler #116558 An all-new platform for scale crawling fanatics, the Venture combines a realistic front-motor position, metal chassis rails and realistic drivetrain with the Toyota FJ Cruiser...
  3. WoodiE

    HPI Baja 5R on-road car

    At the Nürnberg Toy Fair HPI has released news of their latest 1/5th scale car. The HPI Baja 5R 1/5th scale on-road car. Based off the ever popular HPI Baja platform the HPI Baja 5R is equipped with a lowered suspension, 5mm thick aluminum chassis, vintage 8-spoke wheels and Tarmac Buster tires...
  4. cmzm

    Hpi baja 5b problem please help.

    Hi guys, I upgrade the motor on my baja 5b from 26cc to 30.5 since I put the big motor on it the the c clip that holds the spur gear on place keeps coming off. Any better spurs out there something that use a screw instead the clip thanks for the help .
  5. D

    Sold / Found HPI BAJA 5SC(KrakenTSK)

    I have for sale my HPI Baja 5SC. It has been modified and I am looking to move this somewhat quick. I have a list of what has been done for serious inquiry so just send me a PM. I moved into a new house and this has been in storage for some time now. I can't justify keeping it anymore because...
  6. alien13

    Got a HPI Baja 5b!

    Traded off all my Savage stuff today (except the Flux of course) to get a 5b finally! Just gotta stick my radio in it and it's ready to go. The previous owner ran it for me and everything before we made the trade, the only problem is the pull start doesn't recoil right. Couple questions...
  7. rcaddic

    My HPI Baja 5SC

    I haven't been around in a while , I get bit by the 5th scale bug and then got hit by the up sickness LOL here is a few pic's of what I've been up to on my free time [/URL][/IMG]
  8. H

    Overhauled HPI Baja

    My Largescale Classic: The HPI Baja Rebuild: HPI Baja - EXTREME options - YouTube
  9. CosmosGoat

    HPI Baja Parts Lot

    Leftovers from my sellout.
  10. N

    Hpi baja

    Anybody know the ratio of fuel and oil for a baja with a 23cc motor
  11. T

    Sold / Found Hpi baja 26s engine

    Money waiting.
  12. CosmosGoat

    Sold / Found HPI Baja 5B SS Part out.

    I have decided it’s time to part ways with the Baja. It doesn’t get much use anymore and I could use the cash to fund other hobbies. It hasn’t been run since last June other than a few quick runs in front of the house. I have it taken apart for a part out. I would like to sell some sections...
  13. T

    Sold / Found Hpi baja 5b wanted.

    Cash waiting :)
  14. hulkmaxx

    Sold / Found Hpi baja 5b

    I have a used HPI Baja 5b for trade. It runs good has new fast eddy clutch bearings with the Hpi HD carrier. Tires wore fronts could use replaced. No body. Not sure of tuned pipe. Guy I got it from said it had a new clutch high RPM springs. I would like to trade on a Cen genisis truck in nice...
  15. WoodiE

    HPI Baja 5B Flux RTR

    HPI has taken this extremely popular HPI Baja 5B model and turned it into a brushless RTR with their new HPI Baja 5B FLUX RTR large scale buggy! The new HPI Baja 5B Flux boats can reach speeds of 60MPH on 8s lipo batteries using a Castle Creations Mamba XL2 ESC and NEU-Castle 2028-780Kv Motor...
  16. robmob

    Sold / Found F/S KRD DarkSoul HPI Baja Stand with Tray

    Up for sale is a used DarkSoul KRD Baja Stand with Tool Tray and extra longer post. Excellent condition. Does not have the KRD logo since this was put out by DarkSoul back in the days before KRD decided to put them out himself. KRD Baja Stand with Tray to hold your HPI Baja. SOLD PayPal only
  17. G

    Sold / Found Wanted hpi baja £600 or less

    Any type of baja please post

    hpi baja 5b

    my 5b wont go anywhere it just wont drive is only 4 week old u think is clucth?
  19. Bryson

    Sold / Found HPI Baja Garage sale!!! Deals!

    As I put my baja back together I'm finding more and more extras I dont use, and am sure someone else could. ;) So heres some good deals for you guys! GBE V stack for stock filter. Like new. 25$ shipped RPM front Arms. One lower has been run but not abused. I bought these off halio...

    hpi baja 5b wont start??????

    well i got use in a trade and the guy show me how it and it started so now it wont start this one is the use one cause i have a new one. with the choke down it sound like it want to start but when i raise the red level it wont start.