Team Associated RC8.2 Factory Team Kit

Team Associated RC8.2 Factory Team Kit

Team Associated took what they learned at the 1:8 World Championship in Pattaya Thailand, and the engineers at Team Associated took the RC8.2 to another level and in doing so achieved its ultimate racing potential, which has been proven by winning the 2011 1:8 scale off road R.O.A.R National Championship with a 1-2 finish by Ryan Cavalieri and Ryan Maifield.

The Team Assocated RC8.2 Factory Team kit has a long list of new performance parts, making it the best and lightest Associated 1:8 scale buggy to date. The Assocated RC8.2 Factory Team starts with the new Factory Team +3mm 7075 hard anodized chassis. The new chassis and side guards add 3mm of length to optimize weight distribution and overall handling.

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ProLine BullDog body for JQ Products “THE Car”

Pro-Line BullDog body for JQ Products "THE Car"

This is the new ProLine BullDog clear body for JQ Products “THE Car”. JQ Products THE Car has exploded onto the racing scene and until now there has only been one body option. Now you can have THE best handling body ever produced for 1:8 scale buggy, THE Proline BullDog for THE Car. The Bulldog will give THE Car unmatched off-power steering and The advanced cab forward design will give your buggy The hottest styling available. You need THE BullDog body for THE Car!

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Kyosho DBX 2.0 nitro buggy

Kyosho DBX 2.0 nitro buggy

The new Kyosho DBX 2.0 nitro buggy gets beginners off to a flying start as well as providing an ideal step up to the power of 1/8th class machines with the same long wheelbase and tread as well as 1/8th tires and wheels. The Kyosho DBX 2.0 chassis features a 4-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension and fulltime 4WD drive expected of a true racing buggy and it’s optimally balanced with the power of the GXR-18SP engine delivering outrageous performance.

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AquaCraft Top Speed 3 boat

Top Speed 3 ARR boat

AquaCraft took the knowledge gained from three successful seasons of race-testing inspired the refinements found in this latest generation of the AquaCraft Top Speed. The result is a .21-size tunnel hull whose superior handling and impressive speed have already earned World Championship titles. Now it’s ready to put boat racers of any level into the winner’s circle!

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HPI Bullet MT

HPI Bullet MT

Check out HPI’s newest 1/10th scale monster truck, the HPI Bullet MT! The HPI Bullet is the newest member of the HPI family which is based around their 4WD shaft drive train, 2 shocks per wheel and a double deck aluminum chassis. HPI also offers the HPI Bullet in both their silent Flux brushless motor systems or their power full Nitro start 3.0 engines. With the HPI Bullet MT, HPI has allowed you to get the precise flavor of off-road performance that you’ve been looking for.

HPI Bullet Chassis

The HPI Bullet trucks use a 3mm aluminum plate-style chassis as the backbone, providing a tough foundation for the suspension and drivetrain. The aluminum used in the chassis is the very strong 7075-T6 alloy, which is the best aluminum available in radio-controlled vehicles and military aircraft, making it the ideal material for something like the HPI Bullet! For extra stiffness, the sides of the chassis are upturned and the aluminum radio plate also acts as an extra stiffening support.

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