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What pet name does your Wife/Husband (Domestic Partner in Ca,)
Call your Maxx or RCs?
TOY...or money pit
she calls it that thing.. she is like...are you going to ride your bike today...i mean that thing!!!!!(she is used to me and my quad) my response is..yeah ...I'm going to burn some nitro
My wife calls them my Sons, or our Dependants. Or those dirty things.
I refer to my Wives shoe collection as her Daughters. One time I put nametags (Hello, My name is) on all he boxes and gave them all names.
My wife calls them what they are. She'll say, "Which ones are you taking, all 3 or just the Storm and GT" She's pretty supportive of the whole thing and occasionally goes with me when I take them out. The only time they are referred to as "things" is when I bring them in dirty and muddy and sit them on the kitchen counter :lick:
My wife actually bought me my T-Maxx, however she keeps calling it a T-Rex, I guess she watches too much of the Discovery channel, lol. Anyway I was thinking of doing like a scale dino skin looking paintjob, I think she would like that. And she is very supportive of my hobbies, if I have not run it for a day or two she will ask me if its ok or did I break it again. However if it is on her dining room table it becomes "that thing",get that thing OFF my dining room table :rolleyes:
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LOL @ Eddy and NCN.

My wife is kind of supportive of the hobby. Although she only knows my Maxx by name. She mostly calls them 'your other wife'!

Oh well.......

I would love to see a t-rex t-maxx.
My wife is also supportive, but she is always hearing about broken parts. So she asks me how the money pit is doing? Did you break it again? How much did you spend this time? She cracks me up sometimes.

A T-Rex, hmmmm...that would be pretty cool looking. As long as it doesn't look like that dorky 1:1 monster truck called the "Predator".
Nah, I was just thinking along the lines of a reptile scale look, maybe some muscle lines but no face or anything like that. Might look pretty cool, but I would have to pick the right body. Hmmmm I think I might just have to do this :D
My wife just calls my R/Cs lawn killers:classic: Weather its my Maxx or Buggy or rc10gt its always the same oh great here comes the lawn killer, or are we ever going to have grass in the yard???
"lawn killer" this is why i alway burn my maxx on the the guys lawn next to me.