Who was wrenching today??? What did you do??

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Tmaxx got a little love, got the new body fitted (didn’t spend a ton of time on because it’s just going to get tore up again 😂), had to change the spur again, have the blue head on the way, was supposed to be here today but think the post office gonna let me down. Same with the rest of the stuff to get the Vorza back together.
Nothing RC but I did change a oven element.
Simplest job ever except when I took the old element off, one of the wires
spring back into the back of the oven so I and to take the back off to put it back
through the hole.
Oh of course getting up and down on the floor was the worst part.
Got all the cars packed up and almost ready to go.

Wrenched on the buggy. Rebuild F/R shocks and center diff.

Front shocks 40wt and red springs
Rear shocks 35wt and blue springs

Center diff 200k

Also switched back to OEM sway bars.

All that I have to do is that hopefully my package comes tomorrow before I leave and get the rustler running with the other pair of tires and install the capacitor in the buggy.
Been working on the stove, apparently the thermostat for the oven went out so maybe that's what caused the element to burn out.
The part has been discontinued so I might have to break down and buy a new used one. :(
I would keep one thing in mind, when you go with a bigger tire your motor temps are going to raise so keep a eye on it.
That's a huge difference in tire size so she will get hot.
Yeah, what he said 👆

That's if the motor even turns them. It may just burn up instantly. Or it may simply grenade your slipper clutch. Those are way too big.
I agree, it looks like Redcat Everest 10 wheels and tires so it is way to big I'm sure.
I agree, it looks like Redcat Everest 10 wheels and tires so it is way to big I'm sure.
yeah they were just laying there so i thought id try it out, didnt work lol, got lucky and didnt damage the motor,

I am really surprised that motor didn't give up the magic smoke 🤣
no she ran just fine after, better actually but thats because i had to adjust my pinioin gear and got it to mesh right lol
Did you hit something? I didn't see the wreck.
yeah smacked into a dodge tire. messed up my differentials it sounds like, probly just need to put em back in , broke off the shock but i put it back on no problem, it doesn't wanna go now just grind. someone was parked where there normally arent vehicles and i didnt think about it being occupied, smacked into the tire at close to top speed lol. she survived just a little bruised.
when i rebounded off the tire i did more damage than i realised.

this was all i THOUGHT id done, just pulled the shock loose, so i fixed that but it felt .... not right so i look closer

i dont remember the name of this piece. but its a knock off brand. so zero chance of a quick replacement.

so i used super glue and baking soda to weld it back together, then sanded down the patch till it spun smoothly.

then i put it thru its paces rough style again. cause thats the only style i know currently.
i keep losing radio connection?
it beeps at me then reconnects. making the little jingle it does when it first turns on letting you know its bound and ready to rock... then it runs for a bit, then does that again. is in the video at the end i checked with temp gun, well below 115 like closer to 90 than 100 even.
is a factort redcat R-3E reciever and the trtansmitter that came with the everest 10
any ideas? I'm on the google hunt to figure it out

got it running again for i think a total of 2 minutes before i wrecked it nicely. back to the bench lol
LOL she gone...
Now didn't Mama tell you, DON'T play in the street? :D
My dad used to tell me to go play on the freeway.
I stripped down my worst 1/24 scale and am going to use the parts for the new one that is on the way.
I have the Furitek Stinger system, Emax servo, aluminum links, and HR shocks.
There is a few things I'm going to add like some brass down low obviously.

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