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RCNT Racer
Been putting my SC10FT though it's paces on a super rough track lately. Ruts have formed in the track from heavy rain and the track being on a slight grade. All I can say is, I'm thankful for the RPM bumpers doing their job well.

The truck was bought used a couple of years ago, and it had a weird setup, that's for sure. Shocks were filled with some awful thick oil along with #3 pistons, and way too many limiters for my liking. One side of the driveline had a CVD, and the other side had a CVA axle. I opted for putting in another CVA axle to match the other side. The spacer for the topshaft was missing; C-clip was missing on front axle, and add a few stripped parts to the list.

I wish I would have saved the eBay listing, 'cause the guy selling the SC10 made it sound like it was one of the fastest, most blue enhanced SC10 around :p. Definitely lots of blue. :hehe:

Anyways, I think I got it at a great price.

After fixing all the issues, rebuilding the diff, and setting up the truck back to stock FT settings, the SC10 is a blast to drive.
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