Showing luv to my hommies at RCNITRO

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Gone - bye bye.
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As always I bring you guys hot sites and dope pages atleast a ouple times a week here is my new find and it is the shiznity
ICY HOT and another part of their stuff Stuntaz 2 X
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Originally posted by NCNitro
If one of those kids was my son I would BEAT HIS A$$. Are they kidding me, what a bunch of losers!!!

Yes there kidding you man I thought it was Highlarious X
Originally posted by NCNitro
Man where do you find this stuff.
Ancient Chinese Secret That I can't divuldge or my master will disown me. "Or I just screw around at work a lot." its one of those two...X

Come on and admit it X, which one is you? :x
I've seen those sites many months ago on

It was funny then, and still is.
You should have seen all of the photoshop jobs that were done with those pics. priceless
wheere i live there are car show for these kind. I will have to go one day to take oics. You will alll get a kick out of it. I will keep my eye's open in the news paper for the next show.

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