SH 18 glow hole stripped.

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I just stripped out my glow plug hole on an SH18 engine. :cry:
I was just wondering if anyone knew of any places I could buy a new button in Australia.
Thanks in advance.


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Do they make over sized glow plugs to fit a re-tapped hole? Can you get a heli-coil that size? There is another user here having problems keeping the plug tight.


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Do they make over sized glow plugs to fit a re-tapped hole? Can you get a heli-coil that size? There is another user here having problems keeping the plug tight.
I've never heard of an oversized plug. I run Novarossi engines and crank down on my plugs and never had a problem. Maybe the engines in question use cheap metal. I would take the button out and simply re-tap it and see if it solves your problems. If not then the only next step I can see doing is trying to find a new button or new engine.


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You can get jb weld ,fill the hole , drill and tap,work for a while,or fill with two part epoxy that withstands temps to 500 degrees F

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