Savage XL - Shocks and Radio Gear Upgrade.

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(may be posted several times not sure what category would be best)

Few questions about Savage XL.

Is it possible for anyone to tell what shocks are on Savage XL truck (recently purchased) (photos attached)? Are the larger ones Big Bore Shocks and the others just standard stock shocks…? (provide part numbers/link if possible).

…What is usually the best suspension / shock setup for a Savage XL. 4 or 8 Big Bores, 8 Stock (other 4 were included), 4 Stock + 4 Big Bore like the way it is in the photos or different shocks.

I tried it with just 4 of the bigger shocks however the ride height seemed to sit a bit low and was squishy. (4 shock setup in other photos attached, truck underneath sheet).
Is this to do with the springs and shock oil?

Also interested in upgrading the Radio Gear to 2.4ghz as its currently still AM 27Mhz (HPI RF-1 Receiver & Acme 27mhz AM Transmitter) and the servos (HPI SF-1 and HPI SF-5 steering)

What would be the best overall Transmitter/Receiver. Was looking at a TF-45 / RF-45 or a more expensive option like a Spektrum, Futaba….. (probably used) around/under £/$ 100 or so.

If I wanted to upgrade the steering (Torque) and throttle (Speed) servos what would be a good option. Looking at Hitec servos or Savox like a SC-1256 and 1258 but not sure….




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Have you tried putting heavier weight shock oil? That's where I would start first.

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Agreed! Rebuilding the current shocks and dialing in a proper shock oil weight will likely get you to a happy and usable suspension rather than simply throwing new shocks in.


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I run just 4 of the plastic big bores on both of my savage's. One's a nitro X, the other a flux. I had intended on running 4 white springs with the shorter helpers on my flux, but the seller sent me 2 white and 2 yellow, so I put the yellows on the rear, whites on the front. My X has whites on all 4. I add enough spacers so there is a bit of pressure on the spring when fully extended, 28mm worth of spacers I think. I run associated 50w in all 4 shocks on both rigs as well. Stands up fine with minimal sag on take off and handles big air (10+ feet under it) pretty well.

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