Project Motown Missile Nitro Replica (mainly for display)

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saw the new proline 72 cuda motown missle body set on local shop site and instantly enamored badly. Like all my rc project higher end desires, financial is my main limitation for the pretty parts for the right look i am after.

i have learned to use what i got and make 20 yr sh.t cut up painted or worse to look like the parts i couldn't buy from a shop or store... Unique yes. Performing on same level as production offerings? meh i like to look at them on shelves any more, scale real
realism has got me bad lately Will the world will be shocked that remnants to 20 year old junk Dtx trucks i have, plus time, making bits, cheap as possible on no budget, look when i finish this

start beat busted Mad crusher wheels.

cut to narrowed center needed for width of tires

paint pens

and 6 dollar set of amazon drink coasters with 80 or so hours turning into real imitations

beat on hard using on drag projects rears 6 months is why the worn look


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if you didnt look up...

i need that body and a 78 malibu Santa, ok
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Cool body. I was looking at that for Breydon's DR10.
no paint needed decals just as shown i might have the skill set to not screw it up. i suck at bodies