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Here is the RGFarm Racing stable :cool:

I wish I had 3 maxxes:depress:
I kinda wish I my LHS didnt know me by my first name :angry: Seems like they get all my Overtime money :D
I don't have a pic but take a look at and go to the gallery section and then take a look at the very first picture , the one with the red body with flames, Tell us what u guys recon of this body. They sell it on towerhobbies already painted:D
Hey Best Maxx I recon its a very sweet body:D do you know who makes it ? Post a link if ya can :banana:
too bad her os is at the shop, I'm using my trx now:banana:
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Hey nitroboy543 your picture didn't work. Just letting u know/

Easy-MAXX: Where did you get that red and black case and the one that you store your maxx's in? I want one!

Yeah I want one to.:D And I would take one of those spare O.S.'s thats in it too!!!!!!!!! sweet jeep by the way.
WoodiE the cabinets came from Homebase here in the UK,they nolonger stock them cos i bought them all,i want some more too and cannot get them,

thedominator if you mean the main photo with the clear shell they are Maxx Mulchers by proline,if not which truck do you mean.

RG considering you`d take them without paying your not being too greedy;)

thanks for the comments guys:D
oh guys the cabinets are made by Keter products,i think they are german,but not sure.
EASY EASY-MAXX I never siad I wouldnt pay for It Heck I might be CHEEP but I'm not greedy!!! Besides I only want one :D J/K
you mean one cabinet full of goodies:banana: i bet;)
Not the Mulchers, i have those. The first picture on the left collum thing.

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