New truck #1, FCX24 Blazer

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Just got hooked into the mini crawler scene, I’ve started with this truck from FMS… meet “The Creamsicle”!

I liked how it ran out of the box, except for the friction shocks-waay too bouncy. I tried oil filling the OE shocks and got frustrated enough with those little o rings to make me go on Amazon and order a set of Injora shocks. (I think that the bottle that I remember having shock oil in it actually had 3in1 oil in it and it swelled the o rings enough that they didn’t fit right). That was quickly followed by an order for high clearance suspension links and steering links in aluminum, along with a set of steel wheels and tires with brass weights also from Injora. Total transformation, this thing does great on the roots and rocks down by the river…

Cosmetic mods include painting the body behind the grill black, the headlight “reflectors” silver, and the inside of the body black.

I cut out the non-existent rear window so that it looks good with the cap off, and moved the light bar to the front of the cab so it can be used with the Blazer cap on or off. I’ll probably keep the cap off for performance, but I do like how it looks with it on…

I also added dual exhaust pipes made out of polystyrene tubing…

This thing is so much fun!!

I promise I’ll get some more detail pics up soon…
And the ocd addiction starts. 🤣😁
Tryck looks bunches better.

If you want a true chrome for exhaust, light buckets, or trim search:

"1mm Molotow 703 Liquid Chrome Silver High Gloss Fineliner Paint Marker Pen"​

Truly amazing detail.

Underbody shot, and the view from behind…

I would like to get a tube bumper for the back to match the front (why did they only give us the front??), and put LEDs in the light bar, but otherwise I’m very happy with this truck!
Truck looks great. Certain angles bother me as I have become accustomed to long beds.
I know what you mean… it’s too short for even a short bed. I prefer the look with the cap on, but it’s a lot of weight up high… I think there are 3D printed rear seats for these, but I don’t think I want to go that far with this truck…