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Gone - bye bye.
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Well my chosen profession requires me to dress the part I have to have a clean Professional buisness atire to keep my employess happy and respecting me. Check out one of my favorite places to shop. X's Fav Aperal store X
The pimp Maxx cometh...
Pimp daddy x. I want to be chillin with the most ill'n biatch you own. Hook a brother up! so i can start revilin my niffken express!
A friend of mine has a chain of clothing stores that sell One the edge gen x stuff like that. They are making bank..
Nahhh. I was thinking of chroming up in gold a Maxx body and adding some "bling" to boot...How about a nice purple body with gold accents. Little crown lookin' air fresher in the rear window. Fuzzy interior all around. Boomin' bass system...
As long as you add the pink balls around the windows and the fuzzy dice to it. Also a great paint color you might want to use would be yellow and primer grey.