My Weed Eater Boat

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Central New Jersey
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You don't need a clutch, you need to boost your idle. I don't run clutches, and never intend to. My take on it is that I'm never going to be stopped in the middle of the lake, not to mention maintenance on the clutch and all the added weight in the driveline. I boost my idle so the boat puts along slowly.

Ron Olson

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Kalamazoo, MI
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That Minn-Kota prop would never work or even if it wanted to it would be too inefficient as there is no streamlining where the original electric motor was. I used to fish Bass tournies before getting into RC boats so I do know a little about them also. You need something a lot smaller to move it, somewhere in the 70mm range.
The rudder setup is going to be very fragile and break when you need it most. Your best bet was to try to convert it to an airboat.


RC Newbie
Lethbridge Alberta Canada
Most definitely. I ran it last night on the bench in my garage. I actually had to shut it down because it started to glide off the work bench from the wind created by the prop. I replace the weed eater string head with a minn kota trolling motor prop. I believe the rudder is going to be too wimpy. If you have any ideas let me know. Most likely I will only be able to steer with minimal throttle due to the drag of the rudder blades. My servo may be too week to push the rudder at high speed????
Curious if your servo was strong enough?